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The Harvard Classical Club presents Medea: The Musical

Exiled, murderer, and accused witch—Medea's infamous deeds are well-known, yet the woman behind them remains a mystery. In this innovative production, "Medea: The Musical" offers audiences the chance to form their own opinions about Medea, as her story is told from her perspective for the first time ever.

Drawing from the mythology documented by Seneca the Younger, "Medea: The Musical" amplifies the voice of one of history's most infamous female figures. Translated by Harvard College undergraduate Elena Lu and featuring original music in the style of "Hamilton" by Chris Ruiz and Paul Palmer, this 90-minute spectacle guarantees to provoke, entertain, and shed new light on a timeless tale.

Directed by Sara Jin Li.

Tickets are FREE via the Harvard Box Office.

Start Date:


Start Time:

06:30 PM

End Date:


End Time:


08:00 PM



Performing Arts


5 James St Cambridge, MA 02138 Admission:

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