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St Patrick’s Day in Boston

Top 30 Irish Pubs in Boston - ranked & weighted by Yelp reviews.

Irish Pub Guinness Beer

Boston: The Heart of Irish America

Ranking Boston’s Irish Pubs: A Flavorful Journey

Boston, Massachusetts, a city steeped in history and culture, boasts a vibrant Irish pub scene. From cozy nooks to lively establishments, these pubs offer a taste of Ireland right in the heart of New England. Let’s explore the top contenders, considering both their percentage scores and the number of reviews, based off of Yelp reviews. Reviews updated 3/1/2024

1. The Publick House

Percentage Score: 78.00% (1270 reviews)

The Publick House stands tall as a beloved haunt for beer enthusiasts. With an extensive selection of craft brews and a cozy ambiance, it’s no wonder patrons keep coming back.


Publick House (

2. The Black Rose

Percentage Score: 70.00% (870 reviews)

The Black Rose, nestled in historic Faneuil Hall, exudes old-world charm. Live music, hearty fare, and a welcoming atmosphere make it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Welcome to The Black Rose - Boston's Premier Irish Pub (

3. The Bell In Hand

Percentage Score: 72.00% (1180 reviews)

As one of Boston’s oldest pubs, The Bell In Hand has witnessed centuries of revelry. Its lively crowd, classic pub grub, and spirited energy keep the tradition alive.

Bell in Hand (

4. Olde Magoun’s Salon

Percentage Score: 78.00% (460 reviews)

Olde Magoun’s Salon strikes a balance between cozy pub and modern gastropub. Craft cocktails, comfort food, and a warm vibe make it a hidden gem.


Olde Magoun's Saloon – Craft Beer and Innovative Food in Somerville (

5. Beantown Pub

Percentage Score: 64.00% (756 reviews)

Beantown Pub, with its historic location near Boston Common, offers a quintessential pub experience. Grab a pint, savor a burger, and soak in the city’s charm.

Beantown Pub

6. Phoenix Landing

Percentage Score: 66.00% (346 reviews)

Phoenix Landing, known for its soccer screenings and live music, draws a diverse crowd. Whether you’re a sports fan or a music lover, this pub has you covered.

The Phoenix Landing

7. The Druid

Percentage Score: 86.00% (641 reviews)

The Druid transports you straight to an Irish village. Wooden interiors, hearty stews, and a friendly staff create an authentic Celtic atmosphere.

The Druid (

8. Emmet’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

Percentage Score: 78.00% (450 reviews)

Emmet’s combines traditional Irish dishes with contemporary flair. Try their shepherd’s pie or fish and chips for a taste of the Emerald Isle.

Emmets Boston (

9. Elephant & Castle

Percentage Score: 62.00% (462 reviews)

Elephant & Castle, with its British-Irish fusion, offers a unique twist. Sip on a Guinness or indulge in bangers and mash—it’s a delightful blend.


Visit Elephant & Castle 161 Devonshire Street, Boston, MA | Elephant & Castle | Elephant & Castle Pub & Restaurant | Restaurant | Bar | Pub (

10. The Plough & Stars

Percentage Score: 78.00% (339 reviews)

The Plough & Stars, a Cambridge gem, hosts live music and poetry readings. It’s a cozy spot where creativity thrives.

The Plough and Stars

Whether you’re seeking a lively night out or a quiet corner to savor a pint, Boston’s Irish pubs have something for everyone. Sláinte! 🍻

Certainly! Here are the links to the websites of the pubs you mentioned:

See all 30 Ranking Below!

Certainly! Let’s rank these restaurants based on their percentage scores, weighted by the number of reviews. Here’s the sorted list:

  1. The Publick House: 78.00% (1270 reviews)

  2. The Black Rose: 70.00% (870 reviews)

  3. The Bell In Hand: 72.00% (1180 reviews)

  4. Olde Magoun’s Salon: 78.00% (460 reviews)

  5. Beantown Pub: 64.00% (756 reviews)

  6. Phoenix Landing: 66.00% (346 reviews)

  7. The Druid: 86.00% (641 reviews)

  8. Emmet’s Irish Pub & Restaurant: 78.00% (450 reviews)

  9. Elephant & Castle: 62.00% (462 reviews)

  10. The Plough & Stars: 78.00% (339 reviews)

  11. Solas Irish Pub: 70.00% (436 reviews)

  12. Mr. Dooley’s: 82.00% (531 reviews)

  13. Durty Nelly’s: 76.00% (250 reviews)

  14. Porters Bar & Grill: 76.00% (304 reviews)

  15. M.J. O’Connor’s: 64.00% (329 reviews)

  16. Hennessy’s: 62.00% (329 reviews)

  17. Brendan Behan Pub: 84.00% (200 reviews)

  18. The Banshee: 74.00% (199 reviews)

  19. Donphue’s Bar and Grill: 80.00% (175 reviews)

  20. JJ Foleys Cafe: 80.00% (242 reviews)

  21. The Dubliner: 82.00% (90 reviews)

  22. Eugene O’Neils: 82.00% (80 reviews)

  23. Sally O’Brien’s: 82.00% (56 reviews)

  24. Eire Pub: 82.00% (36 reviews)

  25. J and J Irish Pub and Grille: 82.00% (14 reviews)

  26. Porter Belly’s Pub: 74.00% (102 reviews)

  27. A.T. O’Keeffe’s: 78.00% (67 reviews)

  28. Broadside Tavern: 78.00% (72 reviews)

  29. Irish Village: 86.00% (67 reviews)

  30. Grainne O’Malley’s: 88.00% (104 reviews)

The total number of reviews across all restaurants is 11,460. Keep in mind that this ranking considers both the percentage score and the number of reviews, providing a balanced view of each restaurant’s performance. 🍽️🍺

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