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November Project: Stair Workout at Harvard Stadium

Nestled in the lower Allston area, Harvard Stadium serves as a favored destination for members of the November Project™ seeking a vigorous workout. With a seating capacity exceeding 30,000, the stadium boasts thirty-one sets of concrete-block seats in each of its thirty-seven sections, totaling 1,147 seats that we conquer weekly. The sections, demarcated by typical-sized stairs, facilitate movement between them, as we ascend the large seats and descend the smaller steps during our routines.

Wednesday morning sessions commence at either 5:55 am or 6:30 am, offering various workout options:

Full Circuit: Covering all 37 sections in the swiftest time possible.
Fifty-Section Trek: Embarking from section 37 to section 13 and back, totaling 50 sections in minimal time.
35-Minute Challenge: Maximizing section coverage within a 35-minute timeframe.
Century Challenge: Conquering 100 sections as swiftly as possible.
Plus, an array of additional workouts, all adaptable to every fitness level. Simply join us to discover this week's regimen.

Start Date:


Start Time:

05:45 AM

End Date:


End Time:


07:00 AM



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79 N Harvard St Allston, MA

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