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Breaking Boundaries: the Global Impact of Hiphop's Original Dance

Lecture & Presentation showcasing the expertise of Paul "Paulskeee" Ruma and Lino "Lean Rock" Delgado, esteemed figures in the realm of breaking. With decades of immersion in breaking culture, they offer profound insights and a fervent commitment to enlightening audiences about this vital component of hip-hop culture.

6pm-7pm: “Breaking Boundaries: the Global Impact of Hiphop’s Original Dance” at the Hiphop Archive and Research Institute, 104 Mount Auburn Street, Floor 2R, Cambridge

7pm-9pm: Reception at the Cooper Gallery, where Day One DNA: 50 Years in Hiphop Culture is on view.

This event is part of the ArtsThursdays initiative, sponsored by the Harvard University Committee on the Arts.

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06:00 PM

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09:00 PM



Performing Arts


104 Mount Auburn Street, Floor 2R Cambridge, MA 02138

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