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City Tap Fort Point

At our core, craft is everything to us. While it is often associated with handcrafted items, we believe that craft is embodied in complex, innovative beers, food that tantalizes and surprises the taste buds, and service that goes above and beyond. Above all, craft represents our commitment to upholding love and integrity in all that we do.

In the past, craft beer was an exclusive culture, found only in the basements of homebrewers, on niche blogs, and in obscure, hidden bars. It can be intimidating to outsiders, and we recognize that we are still learning ourselves. However, we believe that craft beer should be accessible to everyone. This was our inspiration when we saw an opportunity to bring craft beer to the people in Philadelphia in 2010. Our spacious bar, extensive tap selection, user-friendly draft list, and exceptional regional cuisine have all come together to create our sudsy dream turned reality.

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10 Boston Wharf Rd Boston, MA 02210

Fort Point

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