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Who To Follow on Instagram in Boston

Who To Follow on Instagram in Boston

If your new year's resolution was to step up your social media presence, we have got you covered. Check out these 10 Boston area Instragram influencers for inspiration on how to increase your likes and followers on one of the most popular apps out there.

Food and Drink:

@eastcoastfeastcoast - With over 165,000 followers on her food porn account, Lena Sternburg takes photos and videos of food that are so good you can almost taste them. After scrolling, bring your phone to the kitchen and try one of her recipes.

@bostonfoodies - Tiffany Lopinsky's 154,000 followers turn to her for delicious photos from some of the area's most beloved restaurants. From appetizers through deserts, Lopinsky has got you covered. 

@nailthecocktail - Thirsty? You will be after scrolling through former bartender Claudiane Philippe's array of beautiful mixed drinks. If you're impressed, and who wouldn't be, don't forget to check out her other beauty accounts.

@bostonbeergirl_ej - In the mood for a beer instead? Erika J has got you covered with brews, and amazing photographs, from around New England.

City Life and Photography:

@brianmcw - Do you love Boston? Brian McWilliams does and his 155,000 followers get to see it shine through as he documents his daily commute through some of the Hub's most scenic -- and photographable -- neighborhoods.

@bretclancy - Does Bret Clancy know where the most Instagramable locations are in the city? Sure seems that way in this account that shows off the very best this city has to offer. 

@MediabyMarvin - Is your favorite view of Boston seen while coming in for a landing at Logan? If so, you should check out the photos taken by Marvin Sandoval's drone from high above the ground.  He has really elevated Boston's photography game.

Wellness and Travel

@fashioneatstravel - Looking to spend a COVID winter getting in shape? Join Vera LaRochelle's 126,000 followers for fitness tips with the occasional fashion and travel post thrown in. She will show you how to get a great body in a great outfit in a great location.

@laurenswells - Sure, travel is tough these days, but that doesn't mean you can't take a virtual vacation. Lauren Wells lets her 87,000 followers join her and her family as they travel the globe. 


@ashleighdmello - Sometimes it takes an outsider to see the beauty right in front of you. Ashleigh D'Mello, a transplant from Down Under, models her Outfit of the Day in front of local landmarks that everyone knows, and hidden gems hiding around the city just waiting for you to find them. 

With all that Boston has to offer, there is an Instagram account out there for you, no matter what your interest is. Explore the 'gram today and find a new favorite account you didn't even know existed. | Privacy | Unsubscribe