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Brattle Book Shop

Certain book stores in Boston are old enough to have become famous landmarks themselves, and this is the case for the Brattle Book Shop. It's a lovely store that seems as historic as it is. Even people who are just interested in browsing will probably like visiting this bookshop.

However, the Brattle Book Shop also may have some old books that people won't be able to find or see anywhere else. There are lots of incredibly rare books there, including the first editions of classic novels. Even being able to see these books in person could be special for the people who want to explore Boston. 

There are older magazines at the Brattle Book Shop too, so the people who want to look at vintage magazines should find a big selection of items that will relate to their interests. People often spend a lot of time at the Brattle Book Shop, which certainly has a lot of great bargains. Customers can find great books for one dollar each. This shop has become a memorable part of Boston now, and its selection changes all the time. 





9 West Street, Boston, MA 02111



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