Vandals Strike at the Homes of Boston City Council Members

Over the weekend of June 26th, multiple Boston city councilors were victims of vandalism at their personal residences. The most common tactic used by the vandals included affixing posters in the form of report cards to fences on the property of the council members.

Believed to be in response to their votes in support of passing Boston's $3.6 Billion operating budget, the vandalism struck a nerve with many in the city to include Mayor Marty Walsh who took a hard stance in condemning the vandals actions saying that it was inappropriate to target personal residences where young children reside and where neighbors can be adversely impacted.

For 2021, the budget passed in an 8-5 vote with opponents upset that more money was not reallocated from police funding to other initiatives to include public health and anti-violence acts. However, the Boston Police Department - following a trend witnessed nationwide - saw their overtime budget slashed by $12 million or 20% with these funds being reallocated to programs addressing racism, mental health services, additional programs for minority owned businesses and counseling services. Too many, these cuts did not do enough to defund the police and the 8 city council members that voted in favor of the budget have become the target of protesters.

Multiple members of the Boston City Council spoke out publicly against the vandalism stating that attacking their personal homes where their significant others, children and animals live is wholly unacceptable. Since the vote has already been passed, intimidation tactics are not acceptable and will only serve to increase tension in the city. Many of the council members encouraged the public to express their dissent in other manners to include peaceful protesting and sending emails or calling council members' offices.

Several of the homes suffered property damage and the Boston Police Department is investigating in an effort to identify those responsible. | Privacy | Unsubscribe