Top Places to Live Just Outside of Boston, 2020

Highly-Ranked Massachusetts Towns

When different experts get together to rank some of the best cities and towns throughout the United States, Boston itself is usually ranked very favorably. This was the case for Boston recently, along with Springfield and Worcester. However, there are also towns that are close to Boston that have been highly ranked in other publications. The people who want to live outside of the city might prefer these areas.


Many people outside of Massachusetts are not familiar with Braintree. However, that will not be the case for long. Braintree was recently listed in Money magazine when they set out to find the best fifty towns in America.

The fact that Braintree has such a great location within Massachusetts should automatically make it better than many similar locations. The people who live in Braintree will still be able to visit Boston frequently. Boston is only about thirteen miles away from Boston. They'll still be able to enjoy many of the advantages of living in Boston. These individuals will be able to visit the famous South Shore just as easily. Individuals who enjoy traveling all over Boston can do so much more conveniently if they're starting out in Braintree.

There are just under forty thousand people in Braintree. It is not an especially populated community, but it also is not empty. For a lot of people, this is the sort of community that will strike the right balance for them. They'll have some space in Braintree, and they will be able to easily reach some of the more famous areas within Massachusetts on the same day.

The property values in Braintree should also be excellent. Given the location of Braintree, a lot of people want to move there. The houses are much less costly than they are in similar areas within Massachusetts. When people move, they'll still be able to sell their Braintree houses for a lot of money.


Many individuals are interested in living in Massachusetts. However, it's often just too expensive for a lot of people to even consider relocating there. Still, it's important to remember that the real estate options in different Massachusetts towns can vary wildly. In Chelmsford, it should be much easier for people to purchase a nice home at a reasonable price.

At the same time, Chelmsford is still a gorgeous area that has many of the characteristics that have helped to make New England itself so famous all around the world. Chelmsford is also great for the people who have kids, or who are planning on having kids. It has fantastic public schools.

Massachusetts in general is known for having some of the best public schools in the United States. However, parents are often forced to move to areas that are nearly unaffordable in order to benefit from them. This may not be the case for the people who are living in Chelmsford.

While Chelmsford is smaller than many other similar areas in New England, it still has a population that is above twenty-five thousand. People will not feel isolated if they decide to move from Boston to Chelmsford. They'll be able to enjoy plenty of excellent farmers markets while they're there, however, and many gorgeous historical sites. | Privacy | Unsubscribe