Top Places to go Pumpkin Picking around Boston 2020

Many people in Massachusetts and the rest of New England try to pick their own pumpkins outdoors every year. The farms that have fresh pumpkins frequently have other forms of entertainment, as well as delicious and homemade refreshments. It's a unique experience, and there are plenty of great farms that are offering pumpkin picking opportunities this year.

Shelburne Farm

Guests who are looking for really unique pumpkins should try the Shelburne Farm, which is located in Stow, Massachusetts. They also don't just have decorative pumpkins there. Plenty of their pumpkins would be perfect for pumpkin pies. They also have gourds and similar vegetables. Shelburne Farm has music, as well as food trucks, and plenty of live music events. People may decide to go to the Shelburne Farm on more than one occasion during the autumn season, since it's a place with so much to offer.

Lookout Farm

The people in Boston who want a quick and easy drive when they decide to go pumpkin picking should travel to South Natick and the Lookout Farm. There are tens of thousands of pumpkins available on this enormous farm, making it even easier for people to get the perfect pumpkin. People who decide to try pumpkin picking relatively late in the season may want to try the Lookout Farm's pumpkins. They'll still probably have plenty of pumpkins left. The Lookout Farm even has its own restaurant, making things even more convenient for guests.

Boston Hill Farm

Many families will love going to Boston Hill Farm. It's located in North Andover, and it's open every single day. They have a petting zoo. This farm is also a great place to go apple picking as well as pumpkin picking. Their store is also always open, and guests can purchase gift baskets, beverages, caramel apples, and plenty of other items there.

Connors Farm

This big farm is located in Danvers, and some people will go there just for the corn maze. They also have plenty of farm animals for people to see. Guests can purchase bakery items and hot food at Connors Farm. The farm has been around since the year 1904, making it a historic location now. The staff members at the farm are also very committed to keeping the farm safe and clean for 2020 guests.

Hanson's Farm

Many people have heard of Hanson's Farm already. It's one of the most famous and oldest farms of its type. The people who decide to go to the farm on weekends can also participate in Halloween hay rides. This farm also has a fantastic corn maze of its own, in addition to hundreds of different types of vegetables and pieces of fresh fruit. The pumpkins at the Hanson's Farm are particularly large. It's in Framingham, and the drive should be pleasant for most Boston and Massachusetts residents.

Dowse Orchards

Guests can go to Sherborn in order to get their own pumpkins at the Dowse Orchards. It also as bales of hay and tall corn stalks. They may have most of what people will need for autumn. All of these farms are beautiful, and Dowse Orchards is a particularly great place to take new pictures. | Privacy | Unsubscribe