The Fight For Kennedy's Congressional Seat

The fight to replace Joe Kennedy III's open seat for the 4th congressional district is heating up. It's a tight race, and one where 20% or less of the vote could be enough to win the primary election. The Democrats in play are Jake Auchincloss, Becky Grossman, Alan Khazei, Ihssane Leckey, Natalia Linos, Jesse Mermell, Ben Sigel and Chris Zannetos. Republicans Julie Hall and David Rosa round out the field of candidates.

There isn't a clear person in the lead at this time, as all polling hasn't shown anyone gaining 20% or more of the likely voters. The two candidates most likely in the front are Newton City Councilor Jake Auchincloss and Jesse Mermell, a former Brookline select board member. Both Auchincloss and Mermell are polling at around 12% of the vote. With roughly 45% of voters undecided, this primary can go to just about any of the candidates running.

Jake Auchincloss is a moderate Democrat and has been one of the leading fundraisers throughout the race. He was a captain in the Marines, and his goal, if he wins, is to grow the current Obamacare insurance plan. 

Jesse Mermell, the other top candidate, is a more progressive candidate. While her fundraising efforts are not as strong, she has been endorsed by Attorney General Maura Healey as her preferred candidate. Her campaign continues to grow and build from hard work and dedication.

Becky Grossman is a progressive candidate who is an at large member of the Newton City Council. Her number one job is being a mom to her 8-year-old daughter Madeleine and her 5-year-old son Jack. She ran for City Council shortly after Donald Trump was elected, as she wanted to show her children how to pull a community together.

Alan Khazei, a Harvard educated attorney, believes strongly in women's rights, gun safety, and the need to protect small businesses during the COVID crisis and beyond.

Ihssane Leckey, a self-described survivor and immigrant, Leckey refuses to accept any super PAC money for her campaign.

Natalia Linos, as an epidemiologist, mother of three and public servant, Linos knows that science must lead the way when dealing with Coronavirus. 

Ben Sigel believes in fighting for universal healthcare for all, building an equitable society and a strong community for everyone. 

Chris Zannetos is a tech entrepreneur who knows what it takes to build jobs for others. He is a professional in the technology industry, and is ready to bring his expertise to the public sector. His goal is to rebuild the economy, transforming jobs to build a system that is more equitable for everyone.

Julie Hall, an Airforce Colonel, brings a set of values to the race that she believes are deeply needed right now. An advocate of serving the people and not cowering to either political party, she knows that there are shared values and ideals among residents that cross political party lines.

David Rosa is a proud Donald Trump supporter, a US veteran, pro-life and pro-second amendment. 

With the primary set for September 1, this is an important race to pay attention to. Without a clear frontrunner, it's possible that an unpopular candidate can win the nomination. | Privacy | Unsubscribe