‘Somebody’s front yard is not a bathroom’, Mayor Walsh Tells South Boston Beach Visitors

While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused authorities to be forced to monitor an array of random actions and behaviors, perhaps, none are as bizarre as this issue. In addition to policing mask coverings and the amount of distance people are keeping between one another, it seems they must now also make sure people aren't urinating on the properties of those who own beach homes.

The Southie Beach Situation

For many property owners in the area, life's a beach. Since the Curley Community Center has been closed down, which has eliminated the main source of restrooms in the area, many beachgoers have been left scrambling for suitable places to relieve themselves. And unfortunately, this the best place that many people have been able to find is on the lawns of homes that are stationed near the beach. While this would certainly be an issue no matter what else is going on in the world, this is especially problematic, given the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, since they cannot find anywhere else to go, many beachgoers seem to think it's OK to urinate on areas surrounding the homes of those who live on the beach. Although

it is certainly within their right to visit and have fun on the beach, Mayor Walsh has also put out a warning to beachgoers who think these streams of homemade fertilizer are welcome in the area. Apparently, despite the entitled mentality of many, the city is not actually required to provide a bathroom to anyone. So, he's offered one solution: hold it or be arrested.

While this may sound extreme to some, it is actually quite sensible, under the circumstances. Many areas of the city are still under shutdown orders, as the virus continues to spread. If you don't have any way to go to the bathroom while on the beach, the answer is simple, go home! There is no need to stay on the beach all day. And, as Mayor Walsh has also pointed out, many are ignoring the fact that alcoholic beverages are also illegal on the beach, which is also a contributing factor to why people have to relieve themselves with such urgency.

Hold Your Horses

If you are in Boston and considering visiting a Southie Beach, think twice. First, have you made plans for how you will relieve yourself, given the lack of restrooms in the area? More importantly, are you prepared to go to jail just to spend extra time on the beach and do such a disgusting deed on the properties of unsuspecting Bostonian taxpayers? Either way, if you have a weak bladder, now just may not be the best time for a day at the beach.

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