Seven Columbus Day Boston Activities

Plenty of people are choosing to stick to activities that take place outdoors this Columbus Day weekend. The individuals who live in Boston are in luck, since Boston has a lot of great outdoor events and activities scheduled this year. 

Boston Public Garden

The stunning public gardens of Boston have always been carefully maintained, and this will certainly be the case this year. As more people are choosing to celebrate the holidays using outdoor activities, the maintenance crew is putting even more work into making sure that spaces like the Boston Public Garden are especially lovely. They work hard every year, and people can see for themselves. 

Cranberry Harvest Festival

The people who are specifically looking for outdoor events should certainly consider trying this unique festival. It's a strong part of New England culture at this point. People can enjoy tours, crafts, and carnival rides when they're there. They can also certainly get some of the best cranberries that anyone will find anywhere, which can be perfect in a range of autumn recipes. 

East Boston Memorial Park

Many people want to learn more about history on holidays like this, or at least feel more connected to their local history in different ways. The East Boston Memorial Park will give people the opportunity to do so without having to spend a lot of time indoors in a potentially crowded museum or discussion group.

They can see all of the different monuments that have helped to make this particular historic park what it is. Of course, the East Boston Memorial Park can be enjoyed in the same way as any other outdoor space of its type, and it has plenty of walking paths.

Columbus Park Fall Festival

There are plenty of holidays that are specifically geared towards Columbus Day on this holiday, and this is one of them. This is another largely outdoor event, making it a good option for people on Columbus Day in 2020. Plenty of talented local artists will perform there, and it's a great place for a picnic.  

Fall Foliage Tours

The foliage in Boston is gorgeous every year, and it's something that people can count on consistently. The foliage in Massachusetts is particularly colorful in early October, making this a great time for people to appreciate the area's unique natural and seasonal beauty. 

Boston Lights

Thanks to the great work from the famous Franklin Park Zoo, there are even more events in Boston for people to enjoy this year. In this case, they'll be able to see the Boston Lights each night until the first of November, and the Columbus Day weekend is a great time to start. These gorgeous outdoor light shows should help anyone develop a new appreciation for this particular type of art form. It's the perfect event for the people who already like the popular light shows in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

Boston Common

There's almost never a bad time to visit the Boston Common Park, and this year, people really should make time for it. The park might not be as busy this year, but it's still a popular destination within Boston. People can enjoy the gorgeous autumn landscapes, and appreciate this space that is truly unique to Boston. | Privacy | Unsubscribe