One of the Most Amazing Poll Numbers, right here in MA

In the world of politics, upsets are plausible, but not at all common. Nevertheless, although many voters have grown suspicious of the voting process as a whole, some shocking poll numbers are not just getting people talking, but it's also giving them hope. Particularly, last week, a new poll that was administered by the University of Massachusetts-Lowell.

The Shocking Details

One of the most amazing upsets is the fact that Sen. Ed Marley opened up with a 12-point lead over Rep. Joe Kennedy III. This is almost unfathomable given that a Kennedy descendant could possibly lose a primary in the state of Massachusetts. Moreover, although there has been quite a bit of feedback and criticisms in terms of Gov. Charlie Baker, his responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the job he is doing as Governor overall, there were also some surprising findings. Specifically,  despite the fact that he is a Republican, 89% of what is most likely to be Democratic voters in the primary has said that they approve Baker and the job he is doing. This includes an impressive 54% who say they strongly approve! After nearly 5 years in his position, the fact that almost Nine in 10 Democratic primary voters have expressed approval of Baker is almost unprecedented! Therefore, despite political issues that are brewing all over the country, it seems that Massachusetts is on the right track. 

Either way, despite political affiliation, it seems that Baker has managed to earn such impressive approval ratings due to how he is handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Although he was once thought to be more of an apathetic businessman, his responses to COVID-19 has made the Governor seem to be more compassionate and relatable, which is exactly what the average person is looking for in a leader, given the severity of the situation. 

The Most Popular Governor in America

Despite the fact that the nation is presently more polarized than ever, Governor Baker is leading in a manner that has made the vast majority of Massachusetts' residents feel seen, heard, and protected. Moving forward, Baker may serve to represent a new brand of politician that leads based on what is best for the collective, rather than being swayed into doing what is best for one party over the other. | Privacy | Unsubscribe