New England State Travel Guide 2020

States may have Updated travel restrictions. Please go to each state’s official website for up to date information.


People traveling to Vermont for the first time usually decide to visit Lake Champlain. It's a gorgeous place, and it's perfect for people who want to appreciate New England's natural beauty.

It's very warm in Vermont during July, and biking on the Stowe Recreation Path can be fun. Biking enthusiasts can ride leisurely across a straight and flat path on a sunny day. They'll get a gorgeous view of the surrounding woodlands throughout this six-mile bike path.

Some Vermont counties have more COVID-19 cases than others. People should pay attention to how busy it is around Lake Champlain if they decide to visit during the pandemic. However, outdoor spaces are generally safer than indoor ones. Bike paths tend to get less crowded than other spaces in general.

Rhode Island

The beaches of Rhode Island have been open since June 1, although there are limits on how many people can use the beaches at any given time. People can now visit the East Beach and the Charlestown Breachway.

While the Charlestown Breachway is a public beach, it also functions as a campground. The people who have been anxious to go camping for most of the summer can now do so in Rhode Island, which may be a relief to many people.

New Hampshire

People can now rent boats in New Hampshire and enjoy games of miniature golf, which was not possible for a little while. It's important to get to these places before they get too full, however, since there are strict group limits. People also have to be careful to wear masks at these venues.

The people who are traveling to New Hampshire from a different state still need to quarantine themselves for two weeks before actually getting to New Hampshire. They'll need a signed document that makes it clear that they met this standard.


Visitors can see the Boston Common for themselves if they want to see Massachusetts. It's certainly one of the most famous parts of the state, and the whole of New England. It's also still going to be open during this confusing time.


The state of Connecticut has done better than a lot of other states during the COVID-19 epidemic. However, there are still some concerns about whether or not something is going to happen to the state at any point now. Walking on the Mattabesett Trail should be safe for most people, and there are other outdoor activities that are going to be fine.


People can still decide to go to Bar Habor if they're interested in it now. They might have to be careful about standing too close to some of the other people in the area, but this is still one of the most famous parts of New England in general, and Maine in particular. People who are interested in seeing Stephen King's famous home state might feel that this is an interesting time to visit, of course. It might appeal to the sensibilities of some of his fans. | Privacy | Unsubscribe