Massachusetts Down-Ballot Election Results 2020

Massachusetts is a state that is full of liberal voters. People tend to support the Democratic presidential candidate in almost every single presidential race. There have only been a few exceptions to this rule throughout the history of Massachusetts. The recent presidential election was certainly not one of them.

However, this is not necessarily the case in a lot of local elections in Massachusetts. It is interesting to note that a lot of Americans do not vote for candidates other than the presidential candidate. People can literally have a ballot in their hands that contains information on other candidates, giving them the chance to vote for these individuals, and people will still fail to fill in the bubbles and support candidates in that category.

Lots of Americans are truly only interested in voting for the president, who is often seen as something of a political figurehead more than anything else. People get enthusiastic about elections involving the presidency. Many individuals see the president as having a great deal of symbolic value, and they tend to focus on that more than the president's actual political power. Some individuals care more about that than anything connected to policy.

Republicans in the 2020 election had a total of thirty-two seats in the Massachusetts House, which has one hundred and sixty members. This political party got thirty-two seats, with a potential of thirty-three seats, and this was when the votes had mostly been counted.

The fact that the Republicans managed to get a seat in the region of western Massachusetts is certainly very noteworthy. Being able to get an additional Ludlow seat will shift things even more in their favor.

It's always important for people to remember that just because many parts of Massachusetts are liberal, that doesn't mean that the entire state can really be described that way. There are plenty of conservatives in Massachusetts, and plenty of districts that are known for their conservatism. People can look at any political map, and they will see pockets of red all throughout Massachusetts.

Overall, Massachusetts is able to stay blue in a lot of political elections because the districts that are liberal are just much more populous than the ones that are not. They are able to gain ground over the other parts of Massachusetts because of their sheer numbers. This would not be the case otherwise. Westfield, for instance, would be regarded as a swing state if it was a state in its own right and not just another part of Massachusetts. The Republicans now have new power in Westfield, but the fact that the Democrats had more power there in 2014 was not necessarily standard for this particular part of Massachusetts.

Of course, the fact that not a lot of people vote for any of the people who have local power is already enough to skew the election in this direction. People should not necessarily assume that this particular outcome was inevitable, or that Massachusetts would never have chosen more liberal candidates in all of these specific areas. It's just a matter of who gets the votes and who gets the attention.

Plenty of elections are swayed by the fact that only a small number of people vote every single year. Voting a couple of years after the presidential election is already considered unusual in a lot of places. Some of these candidates are able to succeed because of a single vote, or at least a few dozen or a few hundred votes. The people who don't think that there vote counts should focus on local elections. | Privacy | Unsubscribe