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Mass. North Shore's 2020 Congressional Race

Seth Moulton is the Democratic incumbent candidate, hoping to continue his work putting people before politics. He won his first MA 6th district house of representatives seat in 2014, starting his term in January 2015. He believes strongly in upholding democracy and bringing a new generation of politics to Washington. He offers a progressive voice, advocating to abolish the electoral college and stand up to President Trump.

The MA 6th district is one that often goes to a Democrat. Incumbent Seth Moulton has outraised his challengers, managing to raise more than his two opponents combined. The district is looking for strong leadership, job growth, and is one where people want change.

Moulton was named the most effective freshman Democrat by the Center for Effective Lawmaking, and continues to strive for better care for veterans. He believes in service-driven leadership, and started Serve America in an effort to change Washington by mentoring candidates for Congress who are service oriented. Moulton has served three terms in Congress, and has been pushing for a new Coronavirus stimulus bill to go through.

Jamie Zahlaway Belsito is a Democrat on the ballot for the September 1 primary in Massachusetts. She is focused on solving everyday problems for hardworking people. She has committed her career to policies that affect change for women and families, immigrants and students. She believes in a government that works for everyone, not just the wealthy. She believes in affordable healthcare for all, addressing the mental health crisis, and reconstructing the economy.

Angus McQuilken is a Democrat looking to make a change in Washington. He works in public policy and has been a coalition builder since receiving his bachelor's degree from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst in 1991. He understands that in this time of crisis, a focus on science and healthcare is necessary. He is the Co-Founder of Young Democrats of Massachusetts and is committed to making a difference.

John Paul Moran is the sole Republican on the ballot for the Congressional seat up for election in November. He considers himself an opportunity candidate, and he is committed to bringing jobs back to the district. He wants to deal with the healthcare crisis with more choices and lower cost solutions to health insurance. He believes that he is the candidate of change who can bring a conservative, solid plan to help the economy, healthcare, veterans, job security and reach people who need help.

While the district tends to favor Democrats, it's important for everyone to get out and vote this November to have their voice heard.


Editor's Note: Dylan Kelly, Editor and Chief of ExploreBoston.com, Interned and Worked with the Richard Tisei Campaign against Seth Mouton in 2014. Dylan Kelly personally knows Jamie Zahlaway Belsito and John Paul Moran.

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