It's not you, There has been a lot of Illegal Fireworks in Boston this Summer

Although the 4th of July is a time in which fireworks displays are all the rage, this year, things have been a little different. All over the country, people have been creating their own illegal fireworks displays, with no regard for those around them. Indeed, although fireworks are meant to be for fun and celebration, illegal fireworks are disruptive and dangerous. Nevertheless, the city of Boston has grown tired of these displays and is doing something about it.

Boston Fireworks Task Force

Under the direction of Mayor Marty Walsh, the city has created a new task force with the sole purpose of cracking down on illegal fireworks in the area. This widespread initiative will include efforts from the mayor’s chief of civic engagement, the Boston Arson Squad, the four at-large city councilors, the Boston Police Department’s Bureau of Community Engagement, as well as various community leaders. Although many people think of it as harmless fun, they have been associated with disrupting the sleep of residents, frightening babies, children and pets, triggering PTSD symptoms, and they can even deter people from patronizing businesses that are in the vicinity of areas that are rife with illegal firework activity. As if that was not enough, they are even causing issues with law enforcement, as many people are unable to tell the difference between fireworks and gunshots, therefore, they are receiving more calls for them to investigate these noise-polluting displays. Additionally, they can be dangerous and those who are seriously injured will likely end up in the emergency room, a place that is already on high-alert due to the spread of COVID-19.

Think Twice

Despite the fact that many residents are just bored and seeking entertainment, calls about fireworks are up 5,543%, compared to last June. If you are caught firing off these illegal explosive devices, you may be subjected to thousands of dollars in fines and/or up to 1 year in prison.

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