Guide to Massachusetts New Gathering Rules

Whether it be because you are trying to work from home with your kids or simply miss seeing your friends, COVID-19 is causing many to feel restlessness and hopeless. With the crisis now stretching into its sixth month in the United States, many are wondering how much longer it will last. The reality is, that until there is a vaccine that is widely available to the global population, COVID-19-19 is unlikely to disappear.

Specific to Massachusetts, cases are on an upswing which has prompted Governor Baker to announce a series of strategic moves aimed at stopping the spread of Coronavirus. For starters, the maximum number of people that can gather together indoors remains unchanged at 25; however, the maximum number of people that can gather together outside has halved from 100 to 50 people. For small spaces, there are 8 people allowed for every 1000 square feet. Keep in mind that exceptions do exist for this rule if you are having a political rally, religious gathering or if it is occurring at a school, hospital or government building. Additionally, the scope of these restrictions have grown with this new order to now include private residences. This means that you can no longer host a wedding, birthday party or any other event at your personal home if it falls within the aforementioned categories surrounding the number of people gathering. As a deterrent to these gatherings, you can now be fined up to $500 if caught in violation of the new rules.

Another fineable offense under this new mandate is a failure to wear a face covering. Starting on Tuesday August 11, residents of Massachusetts are required to wear face masks when maintaining social distancing of 6 feet is not possible. Not only does this mandate apply for public spaces but also for private gatherings at your home. For gatherings of 10 or more anyone over the age of 2 must wear a face mask or you can face a possible fine.

With these new rules now in effect, it remains to be seen how Massachusetts residents react and also if they continue to help curb the spread of COVID-19 throughout the state. | Privacy | Unsubscribe