Guide to Donate and Support the Black Community in Boston

As protests erupted across the country in response to police brutality against black lives, thousands took to Boston’s streets to march and rally in a show of support. Protesting is a solid way to show unity and share perspective, but it is not always an option for everyone. Whether for personal reasons or the threat of coronavirus looming around every corner, many ask what they can do or how they can help in other ways.

Whether you have made it to a peaceful protest in Boston or not, there are many other ways to support the Black Community. Support goes beyond protesting or likes and shares on social media. When you donate supplies, money, or time to improving black lives, you are also supporting the end of police brutality and racial injustice.

To take it a step further and with action, here are some strong local organizations anyone can donate time, money, and supplies too.  

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Massachusetts–The ACLU fights to “preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and laws of the United States.” They work towards criminal law reform, racial justice, and voting rights to name a few.

Black Lives Matter Boston–BLM Boston asks, “What side of history will you be on?” They fight against police violence and racism, mass incarceration, and economic disparities.

The Massachusetts Bail Fund–The Massachusetts Bail Fund was created to address the inequity that keeps low-income people in jail when they cannot afford their bail. They provide up to $2000. Their goal is to abolish pre-trial detention, which is devastating for individuals and families.

Families for Justice as Healing–They call themselves abolitionists and they strive to end incarceration for women and girls by developing alternatives to arrest and incarceration.

The Loveland Foundation–This non-profited started with providing therapy for black women and girls and has evolved to providing fellowships, residencies, and other programs that bring healing and opportunity to communities of color.

Black Boston–Supports black-owned businesses by showcasing their websites, networking opportunities, and resources, along with a calendar of events.

Mass Action Against Police Brutality - They work to prosecute police officers and ensure those who are guilty do their time. Their goal is to end the harassment of victims. They organize many events in support of their mission.

Youth Enrichment Services–They inspire confidence in youth by challenging them, providing leadership opportunities, and experience mental and physical activities.

Boston Art & Music Soul (BAMS) Fest–BAMS is all about breaking down social and racial barriers for artists and musicians in the Greater Boston Area. They hold a festival every year, though coronavirus has caused the 2020 festival to be postponed indefinitely.

Don’t forget to register to vote. Voting enacts change in local communities. Reach out to your state legislators, senators, or local and state representatives and demand accountability and action.

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