Governor Baker, Trump NH Rally and Maine Travel Restrictions Explained

Politicians often have to be discrete. They can't just state how they feel on every political issue. Politics itself is frequently about compromise, and many politicians seem to have compromised on many issues before they even say anything. This seems to be the case with Governor Charlie Baker. 

It's important to note that Baker himself is a Republican. Many people would say that he and Trump are on the same side. However, he's still willing to criticize Trump and his other political allies, even if he only does so subtly and implicitly.

Baker continues to encourage people to wear masks and other forms of facial protection at rallies and other outdoor gatherings. He rejects the idea that anyone's First Amendment rights will be violated as a result. He isn't criticizing citizens for being impatient about the reopening schedule for Massachusetts or for anything else related to government action during the pandemic. The Massachusetts governor just wants to make sure that people are safe when they are exercising their First Amendment rights.

Many of Trump's supporters refuse to wear masks at Trump's rallies. Baker was strongly suggesting that they do so, and he backed up his recommendations with evidence. Baker discussed the results of the recent Massachusetts protests, pointing out that since many of the protesters used masks, there weren't a lot of new coronavirus cases. 

Plenty of people would say that Baker was being reasonable. He was not telling people to stay home and avoid going to political rallies in general. Baker was just strongly encouraging people to stay safe. He was taking a moderate position on the subject of coronavirus safety measures, which has no doubt made a difference all throughout Massachusetts.

When the governor of Maine didn't lift the two-week quarantine period that applied to Massachusetts travelers, Baker spoke with the governor himself. He made it clear that Massachusetts had relatively safe coronavirus numbers, at least comparatively speaking. While the meeting ultimately didn't make a difference, at least not immediately, Baker at least demonstrated that he was not going to tolerate inexplicable double standards or regulations that didn't make sense.

If the Maine governor was willing to remove the quarantine time period for Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey travelers, it seemed arbitrary to avoid doing so for the people of Massachusetts, especially since Massachusetts has better numbers than many U.S. states. Baker is becoming known as a politician who is taking a reasonable approach to the coronavirus crisis, and he may ultimately be remembered that way.

Massachusetts residents have been more careful about wearing masks than many people in other states, which has no doubt contributed to their comparatively low coronavirus cases. Now that cases are tragically starting to rise again, Governor Baker is continuing to emphasize the importance of wearing masks.

In this regard, he's a politician who has not varied his message. He believes that face masks are effective, and has consistently asked people to wear them. It demonstrates a degree of subtle integrity, even in a difficult time. | Privacy | Unsubscribe