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Five restaurants to check out in Salem after Halloween 2020

It is no secret that restaurants everywhere are struggling right now. On the North Shore, a big part of Salem's economy is dependent upon the Halloween season. However, Halloween festivities were discouraged this year due to Covid-19. With the coronavirus pandemic upon us, much of that activity will be diminished this year. Here are five restaurants to check out and help support the local economy after the Halloween season in Salem.


288 Derby St.



Pizza has been a pandemic go to over the last several months, but the wood-fired, Neapolitan-style pizzas at Bambolina is a step above your average pie. While there, you can get other "necessities" to help get you through the homebound winter months: CBD tinctures, bottles of hand sanitizer, and bundles of fire wood.

Gulu-Gulu Cafe

247 Essex St.



If you're looking for a sandwich or a cup of cold brew coffee, the Gulu-Gulu Cafe is for you. Buddle up and sip a craft beer on their patio while banging away on a laptop or listening to local musicians rock on. You can also grab one of their global inspired sandwiches while checking out the famous Bewitched statue from the classic ABC sitcom.

Howling Wolf Taqueria

76 Lafayette St.



Salem is on the North Shore, but while there you can head south of the border. The burritos at Howling Wolf are huge, and they include the eponymous Howling Wolf burrito with shredded beef, salsa, and beans with an ample supply of chili sauce in a tortilla made from scratch. If you're looking for something with even more kick, ask for a ghost pepper-infused margaritas.

Ledger Restaurant & Bar

125 Washington St.



The spacious, upscale interior of Ledger comes from its former use as a bank. In times of social distancing, it also allows patrons to enjoy plenty of space while enjoying chef and owner Matt O'Neil's New American cuisine. If you want additional room, there's a tent outdoors as well.

The Roof

209 Essex St.



If you want to enjoy all Salem and the surrounding area has to offer, you may want to get a room at the Hotel Salem. After all, in Salem, Halloween is not just a day but an entire season. The hotel's rooftop bar, named The Roof appropriately enough, offers tacos, burrito bowls, and assorted snacks in the open air. Enjoy the moonlight and the view, but watch out for witches blowing past on broomsticks.

Of course, it is always a good idea to call ahead no matter where you visit to check on restrictions and other pandemic related changes.

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