Five Beautiful Boston Parks this Labor Day 2020

Individuals who are making Labor Day plans should consider visiting some of the most famous parks in Boston. Plenty of indoor venues are still closed, or they have limited hours. Guests may not run into as many issues if they decide to visit outdoor areas like parks.

All Boston parks are now open, but guests still have to wear masks or other face coverings while they're there. It's also important for people to make sure that they stand and walk six feet from everyone else. Many visitors are used to the social distancing rules that are in place in these areas. They'll still be able to enjoy going to five of the best parks in Boston. 

Charles River Esplanade 

The Charles River Esplanade is one of the most gorgeous parts of the Boston area. Going to the park is free, and it has walking paths that go on for miles. Visitors can see the famous Charles River for themselves at this park. 

Travelers who are taking the Red Line route can specifically leave at the MBTA subway's Charles/MGH stop. If they're taking the Green Line instead, they can leave at the subway's Arlington subway stop. The Charles River Esplanade is within walking distance of both of those subway stops.  

Boston Public Garden

Many people specifically visit Boston in order to see the Boston Public Garden. The boat rides are especially popular. However, it's still a wonderfully well-maintained garden with stunning floral landscapes and majestic statues and willow trees. Most of the people who visit the Boston Public Garden use the Green Line. One of the closest stops is the Park Street Station subway stop. 

East Boston Memorial Park

This location is perfect for the people who want to enjoy the outdoors in Boston, and who also want to learn about the history of the area. The people who are taking the subway to the East Boston Memorial Park should take the Blue Line.

The park also has plenty of open spaces and playgrounds, so it won't be like going to an indoor museum. It offers a wonderfully varied local experience for everyone who visits.

Emerald Necklace

When people go to Emerald Necklace, they're actually visiting several parks at the same time. There are more than a thousand acres to explore here. The Emerald Necklace was established in 1870, and it's just as breathtaking today. To get to this park, visitors need to take the Green E line to Riverway. From there, it's a brief journey to Emerald Necklace.  

North Ferry Park

This park is located just in front of the harbor, giving people a view of one of the most iconic Boston landscapes. This four-acre area is smaller than many other Boston parks, and it might be less busy than many others. It has soccer fields and basketball courts, so there are still plenty of things to do there. The nearest stop is the Maverick Blue Line subway stop.


It's clear that Boston has plenty of excellent local landmarks. This is the case all year, and Labor Day is the perfect time to visit. The new COVID-19 rules should not have too much of an impact on today's visitors. | Privacy | Unsubscribe