Fireworks may be Canceled, but the Fourth of July Events go on!

People look forward to Independence Day fireworks all year. Sadly, this is an unusual time period. The Boston Pops celebration tends to draw people from all over the world. While it's true that the traditional version of this ceremony won't occur, people will still get the chance to have fun.

Viewers can look forward to a unique broadcast titled 'Salute to Our Heroes.' The show will have been recorded in advance. It's a broadcast that will give people the chance to be nostalgic, since it features material from previous ceremonies. However, there are still some original parts to look forward to, so people won't just be revisiting the past.

This show is specifically for the victims of the COVID-19 virus, as well as our nation's medical professionals. These people have already saved lives, and they're protecting all of us today.

The broadcast will still feature some of the most iconic aspects of this concert, including a performance of Stars and Stripes Forever and the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky. In many ways, the concert will still be recognizable. Plenty of people have never actually seen the live versions of the concert in person. Getting a good viewing spot isn't always easy, given the immense popularity of the event. For some people, this may be the first Boston Pops concert they've seen.

Some outdoor activities have still been possible at this phase of the epidemic, but that just isn't the case for the conventional Charles River Esplanade concert. Anyone who has ever been to the Boston Pops show will know that it couldn't proceed as planned in today's environment. Social distancing under these circumstances just wouldn't be possible. The area gets very crowded as individuals try to get a better look at the stage.

Establishing social distancing precautions can be helpful, but it's difficult to enforce these guidelines at events that are as busy and popular as this world-famous Independence Day celebration. There won't be any live Independence Day shows this year.

Viewers can watch the broadcast at home on television, or they can listen to it on the radio. They can use their smartphones or any other device, since it isn't specifically a network television or radio broadcast. We're living through an unusual historical period at present, and this concert will still ultimately be different from the Boston Pops concerts of the past. All Independence Day ceremonies are historic moments, and this one is particularly striking.

In many ways, the new broadcast captures the spirit of Independence Day more strongly than plenty of other celebrations. Americans celebrate Independence Day in order to pay tribute to the heroes that made our nation possible.

There are plenty of modern heroes who are working to keep America safe today. They're preserving the nation that other people fought for, and they're protecting the lives of American citizens. The 'Salute to Our Heroes' broadcast is for them. Independence Day has always united Americans. This Independence Day, Americans will celebrate the great people of the past and present. | Privacy | Unsubscribe