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Explore the Best Wine Bars in Boston

Wine bars are common in the city of Boston. What will create separation, though, from one wine bar to the next? What makes a wine bar a great one? There are some clear characteristics to think about when weighing wine bars. These include things like:

  • Glassware

  • Atmosphere

  • Tasting events

  • Pour options and sizes

  • Staff

  • Accompanying food

In this piece, we will explore some of the top wine bars in the city of Boston you will need to check out, along with some basic information to find each on your own.

Barcelona Wine Bar South End

Summary of the Wine Bar: The Barcelona Wine Bar South End is known for its immense wine list and options for its guests. Located in the South End of Boston, there are nearly 400 wine selections to choose from. The cuisine is also rustic and clean. There are influences all across the menu from South America, Spain, as well as the Mediterranean. Come enjoy their wine and tapas.

Price Range: $$

Phone Number: 617-266-2600


Physical Address: 535 Tremont Street Boston, MA 02116

Neighborhood: South End

Closest MBTA Stop / Line: Orange Line - Back Bay Station

Sip Wine Bar and Kitchen

Summary of the Wine Bar: The Sip Wine Bar and Kitchen is in the Downtown Crossing district of Boston. There are plentiful cocktails to choose from as well as endless amounts of wine available. The wines are available in flights as well as 6 oz, 10 oz, and bottle options. To accompany the wine, there are flatbreads, smaller dishes, as well as tacos, and larger plates, depending on your appetite.

Price Range: $$

Phone Number: 617-956-0888


Physical Address: 581 Washington Street Boston, MA 02111

Neighborhood: Downtown Crossing

Closest MBTA Stop / Line: Orange Line - Downtown Crossing

Bar a vin 1855

Summary of the Wine Bar: The Bar a vin 1855 wine bar is a true testament to the history of Boston. When you enter this wine bar, you transport to the year 1855. This is a tribute to French wine as well as casual cuisine to pair it with. The classics of France are available here with over 250 different varieties of French wine. The artwork, rustic vibe, and more will bring you to a different place when you visit.

Price Range: $$

Phone Number: 617-587-4222


Physical Address: 259 Newbury Street Boston, MA 02116

Neighborhood: Back Bay

Closest MBTA Stop / Line: Orange Line - Back Bay


Summary of the Wine Bar: The heart of Downtown Crossing is full again thanks to the haley.henry wine bar. Right in the middle of Downtown Crossing, this magical place is full of wine, laughs, and more. This is where neighbors come together to toast to one another and enjoy a mix of fine wine and casual eats. The half-bottle concept is front and center here for you to enjoy along with whatever food you choose.

Price Range: $$$

Phone Number: 617-208-6000


Physical Address: 45 Province Street Boston, MA 02108

Neighborhood: Midtown Boston

Closest MBTA Stop / Line: Orange Line - Downtown Crossing


Summary of the Wine Bar: When you visit Krasi, you will see that Krasi is all about love, life, and wine. This is a wine bar that has a focus on immersion and conversations, great wine and food, and so much more. A vibe that is tough to match, with freshly baked bread, salads, meat, and so much more to pair with a vast selection of wine.

Price Range: $$

Phone Number: 617-536-0230


Physical Address: 48 Gloucester Street Boston, MA 02115

Neighborhood: Back Bay

Closest MBTA Stop / Line: Orange Line - Back Bay

Bin 26 Enoteca

Summary of the Wine Bar: Bin 26 Enoteca is a Beacon Hill wine bar and restaurant that has international vibes. The international wine list features over 60 different wines available by the glass. In addition, there are over two hundred wines available by the bottle. This Italian-inspired wine bar was founded by a brother and sister team known for the acclaimed restaurant “Lala Rokh on Beacon Hill,” which they have owned since 1995.

Price Range: $$

Phone Number: 617-723-5939


Physical Address: 26 Charles Street Boston, MA 02114

Neighborhood: Beacon Hill

Closest MBTA Stop / Line: Red Line - Charles / MGH

Piatinni Wine Cafe

Summary of the Wine Bar: The heart of Back Bay is whole thanks to the Italian-inspired Piattini wine bar and restaurant. The restaurant has two distinct dining rooms as well as a private VIP room. There are also two spacious patios that have inspiration from Tuscany, right on Newbury Street. Tons of different wines are available by the bottle and glass, as well as classic Italian dishes complete this epic ex