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Explore Boston's Classic Dishes

Boston has some iconic dishes that no one who is visiting the city should miss. Given its location on the Atlantic Ocean, it is not surprising some dishes feature seafood!! If you don't think of Boston as a foodie paradise, think again. Eating your way through the city is a great way to get the flavor of Boston. If you can't get here, you can create these classic dishes at home.

1. Explore Boston's Classic Dishes: Boston Baked Beans- Boston was founded in 1630, and you can be pretty sure baked beans were probably served that year. Boston baked beans include molasses, which was introduced in the 18th century. The classic dish is composed of white beans, salt pork, molasses, and black pepper. Onions are optional. One of Boston's nicknames is "Beantown" thanks to this delicious and historic dish.

2. Explore Boston's Classic Dishes: Boston Creme Pie Boston Creme Pie isn't a pie at all, it is a delicious cake supposedly created by a French chef at the Parker House Hotel in Boston in 1881. It is a luscious combination of vanilla sponge cake, custard, and chocolate ganache.

3. Explore Boston's Classic Dishes: Lobster Roll In New England, there are two types of lobster rolls; hot buttered lobster rolls and cold lobster rolls with mayonnaise. Both are served in Boston with cold being preferred. Simplicity is key to the perfect lobster roll. As a seaport, Boston has access to fresh cold-water lobsters.

4. Explore Boston's Classic Dishes: New England Clam Chowder Sometimes called Boston Chowder, this decadent soup is a combination of clams, potatoes, and cream. Quahogs, Littlenecks, and Cherrystones are all abundant on the New England coast and have been a diet staple for hundreds of years. It is believed the French, perhaps those from Acadia, brought clam chowder with them when they were relocated to Boston.

5. Explore Boston's Classic Dishes: Cannolis Anyone who has even visited the North End knows that its Italian heritage brought the cannoli to Boston. Legend has it they originated in the Sicilian city of Palermo. Cannolis are constructed from a tube-shaped pastry shell filled with sweetened ricotta cheese. They should be filled with the cheese right before eating, so the shell remains crispy. They are the perfect snack to eat while walking around Boston.

6. Explore Boston's Classic Dishes: Traditional Clam Bake A traditional clam bake is a taste of all that is delicious about Boston. It is steamed in saltwater over layers of seaweed-covered stones in an open pit. It includes clams, corn on the cob, potatoes, lobster, mussels, and crabs. This method of cooking was adopted by early residents from Native Americans.

7. Explore Boston's Classic Dishes: Yankee Pot Roast Winters are long and cold in Boston, and they cry for a slow-cooked warm meal. Early residents took the ingredients that were abundant and threw them in a pot for slow cooking. To make it at home, brown the beef well in the pan you will be using, add liquid, then braise. Use an inexpensive cut of beef like chuck. It works great because it has plenty of fat and stands up to long cooking. Add veggies like onions, celery, parsnips, turnips, and potatoes in the last hour. Enjoy.

8. Explore Boston's Classic Dishes: Frappe In other parts of the country, if you want a combination of milk, ice cream, and syrup, you order a milkshake. Not in Boston. In Boston, that combination is a frappe; a milkshake is milk and syrup shaken. Where the name comes from is a mystery, but it has been suggested French Canadians who moved to the area to work in mills used the French word for shaking to refer to the drink. The truth is lost in the mists of time.

9. Explore Boston's Classic Dishes: Lobster Mac and Cheese Lobster mac and cheese are as popular in Boston as it is everywhere. Considering that Italians brought pasta to Boston and lobsters are local and plentiful, it is obviously a match made in heaven, or so diners in Boston believe.

10. Explore Boston's Classic Dishes: Roast Beef Sandwich The super roast beef has an onion roll, rare shaved roast beef, topped with mayo,barbecue sauce, and a slice of American cheese. It's a North Shore tradition, also referred to as a three-way.

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