Democratic Nominee Joe Biden Picks CA Senator Kamala Harris as Running Mate

Joe Biden and Kamala  Harris made history on Tuesday when Biden decided to make Harris the first-ever African American woman and first person of Indian descent to be a Vice Presidential candidate. Long considered a favorite to be the VP choice of Biden, the duo is hoping that they'll have enough firepower to defeat President Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence in the upcoming November election. 

Biden and Harris are no strangers to each other with both launching campaigns to be the next President in early 2019. However, Harris' stumbles on the debate stage and failure to garner enough support appeared to cost her a chance at the White House, but now she finds herself in a position of redemption and a real likelihood at running for President in 2024 with Biden publicly stating that he expects to be a one-term President.

Born in Oakland CA, Harris is a former District Attorney of San Francisco and the Attorney General of California. In 2016, Harris was elected as the junior Senator in California and began firmly cementing herself as a force to be reckoned with in the political realm. 

From Biden's perspective, Harris represents an opportunity to make headway with moderate Democrats and solidify his lead with minority communities while also courting female voters that have long been waiting to see a powerful woman in office. Moderate Republicans that are unhappy with Trump, but want a candidate with a strong background in supporting law enforcement may be wooed to the Biden ticket with Harris onboard. Harris, to the dismay of some Democratic voters, is not expected to be in favor of defunding police departments nationwide. Additionally, the Harris pick is sure to disappoint fans of Bernie Sanders and his Progressive policies who feel that Harris does not differ enough from Biden for their voices to be truly heard.

Harris is expected to hit the campaign trail with Biden as soon as Thursday and it is anticipated that she will be a prominent part of his campaign moving forward. Compared to other Vice Presidential hopefuls like Susan Rice, Harris may lack the experience in politics as she's only been in the Senate since 2016, but many expect her powerful voice and dominant personality to help propel Biden to victory in November. | Privacy | Unsubscribe