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Creepiest Places in Every State of New England, 2020

Lizzie Borden had an axe, the famous nursery rhyme says, and now you can sleep in the room where her step mother was hacked to death. Thrillest has put together a list of the most haunted locations in all of America, with the Borden family home toping the list for Massachusetts.

Connecticut Curtis House Inn Woodbury

For hundreds of years, guests at this Woodbury Hotel have been hearing voices from beyond the grave, footsteps without feet, and ghostly apparitions that cannot be explained. It has gained such notoriety over the course of more than 250 years that Gordon Ramsey and a camera crew once spent five days there for the reality show Hotel Hell. The mysterious sounds are believed to be coming from former owners, guests, and employees who apparently consider it a nice enough spot to spend eternity.

Maine Mount Hope Cemetery Bangor

When Mary Lambert was filming her 1989 horror film Pet Sematary, she looked no further than Stephen King's own backyard of Bangor, Maine. Walk through the gates--at night, if you dare--and there you will find Gage's final resting place, some of the first Civil War monuments ever erected, and tombstones dating back to 1836.

Massachusetts Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Fall River

Remember how Lizzie Borden gave her father 40 whacks? Well, before he died, he ate Johnnycakes and eggs in the dining room and now you can, too. Apparently brutally murdering your family qualifies you to have your childhood home turned into a bed and breakfast named in your honor. With period decor and tours of the Fall River home, there is room for 20 overnight guests.

New Hampshire Mount Washington Hotel Bretton Woods

It was bad luck for the founder of the hotel, who died the night before it was completed, but good luck for you if you want to catch a glimpse of his long dead widow. She is said to roam the hallways and appear in photos as a hazy apparition. Though she later married a French prince, Aymon de Faucigny-Lucinge, she prefers to haunt the mountains of New Hampshire over any European royal digs.

Rhode Island White Horse Tavern Newport

If you happen to see a ghost at the fireplace, or hear unexplained footsteps throughout the inn, they may belong to a murdered colonial traveler from 1720. He and another drifter checked in one evening, but by the next morning he was dead and his companion was gone. It's a 300 year old mystery waiting for you to solve it the next time you visit the island.

Vermont Lake Bomoseen State Park Castleton

While standing on the shores of Lake Bomoseen, you may see a boatman slowing rowing himself across the water. Everything seems normal enough, until you realize he is not leaving so much as a ripple behind him in his wake. Where is he headed? Some say it is to a tavern that has long since shuttered in this sleepy town near the New York border.

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