Christmas Tree Farms in Massachusetts are being Sold Out

If you are looking for a Christmas tree in Massachusetts, you may be out of luck. No matter if people are buying multiple trees for one home or if more families are simply getting into the Christmas spirit, Christmas trees all over Massachusetts have been sold out. Many are speculating that perhaps more people will be having a quiet Christmas holiday at home with only a handful of people (mostly close family and maybe a few friends), it seems that an unprecedented amount of people are buying Christmas trees this year. In fact, many vendors are already sold out!

The Details

Many Christmas tree vendors have reported unprecedented sales this year. For instance, the owner of Maple Crest Farm, John Elwell, was sold out by December 1st. According to him, he has never sold out of Christmas trees so fast. Although he admitted that he could have cut more, he also said that this means there would not be as many available for next year.

Additionally, MerriHill Tree Farm in Merrimac also posted an update on Facebook to announce that they are also closed for the season. They sent out a thank you to all of their customers for showing up to their farm, enjoying the mild temperatures, and purchasing trees.

Another example came from the Mistletoe Christmas Tree Farm in Stow. However, this farm did have some options left. Although they have sold out of cut-your-own trees, they did let their followers know that they have plenty of pre-cut trees ready to go. These trees are all between 6 to 9 1/2 feet, but they say that they have nothing above that height. This suggests that many people are not only excited to purchase a Christmas tree for the holiday season, but also that many families are likely using the simple act of chopping down your own tree as an outing and bonding experience. Given that Greenwood Christmas Tree Farm in Billerica sold out of all their cut-your-own trees in what they describe as a "very busy" first weekend, this further reiterates this notion.

Moreover, David Morin, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Christmas Tree Association, seems to believe this is the case as well. He said that the rush to purchase trees this year was likely based on nostalgia, as well as the fact that most people simply have a lot more time on their hands. As far as nostalgia is concerned, this also makes perfect sense. It seems that people are longing for the simpler (pre-Covid) times in which farms were allowed to give out cider and hot chocolate, instead of coloring books.

Still Looking for a Christmas Tree?

It's not too late. As mentioned, there are several farms that still have some trees available. However, they may not be what you're accustomed to. Experts have suggested that people be more open to purchasing trees of different sizes or appearances than they have bought in the past. Although it may be somewhat disappointing at first, we all need to keep in mind that Christmas trees are a mere symbol of what the holiday represents and even if you have no tree at all, you can still enjoy your Holiday season. | Privacy | Unsubscribe