Boston Travel Guide 2020

Visiting Boston

People who travel to Boston during October can enjoy the area's unique Halloween celebrations and autumn weather. Some people specifically travel to New England in order to see the leaves change, and Boston can look particularly beautiful in October. Hotels might be slightly more expensive in September, because so many Boston college students are returning to school during that time.

Travelers also frequently visit Boston in April. It starts to get warmer in Boston during April. The city gets busier in May, which is when the college year ends. However, many people will still want to visit Boston in the summer, especially if they're interested in going to the beach.

Boston Beaches

Revere Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the United States, since it's older than any other American public beach. Visitors can also easily take the T to get to Revere Beach, making it easier to reach than many other Boston beaches.

There are also sand sculpting and kite festivals held at Revere Beach. It's a gorgeous and historically significant beach all year, and there are fantastic events held there throughout the year. There are also great restaurants nearby, and plenty of other fantastic Boston restaurants for travelers to visit.

Restaurants in Boston

Many people will want to try Boston seafood restaurants when they visit. New England is certainly known for its seafood. Neptune Oyster and Legal Sea Foods are considered two of the best New England seafood restaurants.

The Union Oyster House is actually Boston's oldest restaurant. It's also been consistently open for longer than any other extant restaurant in the United States itself. Even the seafood restaurants in Boston are historic in nature.

Boston has at least three thousand restaurants to try, so all visitors should be able to find something that they like. The city is also known for its steakhouses, wine bars, and buffets.

Boston Outdoor Activities

People travel from all over the world to see Boston's two most famous public parks: the Boston Public Garden and the Boston Common. There aren't many official public attractions that are older than Boston Common, which dates back to 1634.

Going to large outdoor spaces like the Boston Common is safer than spending time in busy indoor areas during the pandemic. However, Boston is starting to gradually reopen some of its other businesses.

Reopened Venues and Events

Many Boston events have been postponed throughout the pandemic, but a number of different public places are now being opened again. Aquariums, movie theaters, and the famous museums of Boston will be open again as Phase 3 of the reopening process progresses. These areas were once crowded. New safety guidelines will prevent crowding.

The largest venues will not yet reopen, but the smaller venues will be available. Outdoor events will be more limited. Less than one hundred people will be able to go to these celebrations at a time. Visitors have to take safety precautions now, but Boston is still becoming more active at this stage. | Privacy | Unsubscribe