Boston Drive-In Movie Nights are Coming Soon!

For those who are pining for a night out and love watching things on the big screen, there's great news! The city of Boston has decided to host a series of drive-thru movies during the month of July. As a part of a joint effort from Mayor Marty Walsh, Boston's Parks and Recreation, and the Mayor's Office of Tourism, Sports, and Entertainment, there will be a free drive-in movie every Wednesday for the month of July.

For Boston Residents Only

Nevertheless, if you are reading this from a neighboring town and want to attend, do be advised that this event is for residents only and that all of these events have already sold out. In an effort to restore some sense of normalcy as well as provide new entertainment options for Bostonian residents, this initiative was created to help provide Boston residents with a much-needed safe outlet for entertainment.

Beginning on July 8, you can pull up and watch various family-friendly movies. The Schedule is as follows:

  • July 8: Moana- 6:00 pm; Yesterday-8:30 pm.; Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

  • July 15: Frozen II- 6:00 pm; Jurassic Park- 8:30; Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

  • July 22: Coco- 6:00 pm; 121 Halleck Street

  • July 29: Trolls- 6:00 pm; Harriet- 8:30 pm; 121 Halleck Street


If you are attending any of these events, you need to follow the following rules and regulations:

  • Stay in the car at all times

  • Wear a face covering

  • If your car does not have an FM Transmitter, you should bring an FM radio with you

  • Larger vehicles (Vans, Trucks, SUVs), are prohibited from parking in the first 5 rows

  • Bring popcorn and other snacks/beverages with you

If you managed to register for this free event, this will definitely be a great event for the entire family. Just don't forget your wipes and sanitizers and be sure to arrive a little early, so you can have enough time to park, get situated, and enjoy the show! | Privacy | Unsubscribe