A Scientific New England Autumn Foliage Map, 2020

Many people specifically travel to New England in order to see the leaves change every year. They'll still be able to do so this year, in spite of how unusual this year has been. The people who live in New England might want to drive through various mountainous areas, giving them the chance to see expansive areas that are full of autumn trees.

Of course, people might still run into challenges when scheduling a New England trip or a drive that lasts most of the day. People will want to make sure that they're seeing the autumn leaves at the right stage. If it's too early, the leaves aren't going to look that much different. When visitors and travelers are too late, the leaves will look dry and faded. Fortunately, the Smoky Mountains website has created a map that should help people make plans.

People can use this map to see exactly where and when the leaves will start to look like autumn leaves. The map has actually been color-coded, making it even easier for people to analyze. The color green is used to visually represent areas that have not really started to change for fall. When parts of the map turn brown, it means that those areas are past their peak in this way. Areas that look red are either close to their peak or at their peak. The map also makes it clear when the coverage of bright autumn leaves will seem uneven or moderate, and those conditions are represented using orange and different shades of yellow.

This map was made using sliders. People can use the sliders to see how everything will look on different dates. This interactive map can show them how things were in early September, how things will be at the end of November, and everything in between. People using the map will notice that the leaves will start to change in the northern parts of the United States first, and the changes will seem to spread throughout the rest of the country from there.

The perfect day to see this year's autumn foliage will be different in different places. Fortunately, the map is very detailed. Every state has been divided into a number of different small sections. People will know exactly when a particular city should have excellent autumn foliage.

This map was created using millions of different data points from very reliable and official sources. The algorithm used to develop the map was equally complex. People have every reason to believe that the map's predictions will be usable. Of course, they can always see for themselves now.

The map has information about what things were like in September, which has passed. Some people may have already taken pictures of the September leaves, or they remember how the early autumn foliage looked at that point. In all likelihood, the map's predictions for that month were accurate. There are plenty of other resources that people can use when they're trying to plan day trips and road trips this autumn.

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