• Danielle Dunn

A Personal Weight Loss Journey finding High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

My passion for fitness began at the end of my sophomore year of college when I realized that I had gained about 20 pounds. Being only 5’3” I had reached a rather unhealthy weight of 158 pounds. Having been an athlete starting at a young age, I knew that this weight would not only affect my athletic performance, but also the way I felt about myself mentally. 

When my weight loss journey began, I was not up to speed on the various types of training that offered optimal results in a more fun and efficient way. I began by implementing my caloric deficit with a 3-4 mile run Monday through Friday. For anyone that knows me well, they know I strongly dislike long distance running and that I find it to be very repetitive. Sure, I enjoy the occasional run now as I am older and more educated, but at that time I was doing it for the wrong reasons. It thought it was the only way to lose weight fast and get the body I had always wanted. Though I lost 20 pounds over a 4 month period, I was miserable in the process. I became bored in my weight loss journey and eventually started to give up. Although, once I was introduced to HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training, my thought process about working out completely changed. This form of training offered me a variety of exercises which can be paired together for a more versatile, sustainable  routine. 

HIIT is categorized by using high bursts of intense energy to perform an exercise, followed by a short resting period. This form of training can help transform the way you feel about your cardio routines, add muscle, and create a better way to burn fat in a more efficient way. After adding HIIT to my weekly workouts, I noticed a drastic change to not only my body, but my overall energy throughout the day. Although, the benefits of this kind of exercise do not end at the physical level, HIIT workouts do not require every piece of equipment found in a gym. They are the type that you can do in the comfort of your own home with little to no equipment! 

Example Full Body Workout: 34 seconds on 20 seconds off, repeat 4x

  • Glute Bridges

  • In and Out Squat Jump 

  • Lunge to Knee Drive 

  • Tricep Dips

  • Plank Jacks

(All Body Weight Exercise)

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Having grown up playing competitive tennis, my passion for fitness and nutrition grew from a young age. In 2018, I graduated from Merrimack College with a bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine. I then became NASM certified so that I could expand my knowledge of fitness to those seeking it. Follow Danielle on Instagram: www.instagram.com/danielledunnnn/

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