8 Local Places to Shop for Gifts in Boston

Many people are interested in finding unique shopping opportunities in Boston. They don't just want to go to the sorts of chain stores that can be found anywhere. Boston is actually known for its fantastic shopping opportunities, and finding a small business that offers great gifts should be easy. People can shop small, and still find plenty of different items that can't be purchased anywhere else in Massachusetts. They can explore Boston and find some particularly unique stores.

With the holidays getting closer and closer, a lot of people are looking for new ideas for gifts. In some cases, they will just need to go to the right stores. They might have an idea of what they want already. However, visiting a nice shop or boutique could really help them feel truly inspired.


Call: 617-722-9200

It's hard to argue with a name like that, and this is a boutique that really has earned that name. People will love the jewelry that they have here. It's a nice place to spend an afternoon, and there are crafted items here that shoppers will not be able to find anywhere else. They should not miss an opportunity to visit this boutique this year.

Trident Booksellers and Cafe


While this is a nice place to spend the shopping day, people will certainly want to buy something while they're there. They should be able to find some great books here, including rare books that are difficult to find in other locations. There should be some equally fantastic discounts on the books that are available, especially for the holidays.

The Urban Grape


A lot of people enjoy wine, and this is a great store for the people who have a passion for it. People can find great accessories that people in this niche will really love, as well as some recommendations.

Mockingbird Baby and Kids


People who are shopping for young children this holiday season should be able to find everything that anyone could possibly need at this store. There are clothes, books, toys, shoes, strollers, and everything else.

For Now


Many people will want to purchase clothes here, and they should be able to find a lot of different unique styles. It's a great store for just about anyone in the family this holiday season.

Frugal Bookstore


Plenty of people still enjoy reading physical books, and some of those books are over-priced. That certainly is not the case for the great books here, which look great, and which are not expensive.

Gift at the Gardner


People love going to the Gardner Museum. This location actually has some of the best gifts in the city as well. People who pay a visit to this famous location should also consider going to the gift shop just before they leave.

Stitch and Tickle


This is a unique store that has equally interesting items. Individuals who have already purchased a lot of great clothing items at other stores can decide to get all of their accessories at Stitch and Tickle.

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