7 Holiday Markets in and around Boston

Some popular Boston holiday and craft fairs have been canceled this year. However, there are still plenty of other great ones available. Some of them might be short, and people will need to try to get there on the three days that they're available. However, customers will still be able to find all sorts of fantastic holiday items.

CraftBoston Holiday Show

Many artists wait all year to sell their projects at this market. Around two hundred of them tend to participate, and people can buy everything from leather products to furniture here. Even the experience of exploring a market like this can be fascinating.

Customers can visit the Hynes Convention Center to get to this market. It's on Boston Street specifically. The market is open for three days, on December thirteenth through December fifteenth. It opens on eleven in the morning on the first and third days, and ten in the morning on the middle day. It always closes in the evening, at seven at night, six at night, and five in the evening, respectively.

Harvard Square Holiday Fair

While many of the holiday fairs in Boston are only available for a couple of days, this is a fair that will be available for three weekends in a row. Customers can buy all sorts of gorgeous crafts for the holidays at this location. They'll even find clothing that people designed and created themselves, along with photography and artisan food products.

It's available on December seventh and eighth, the thirteenth through fifteenth of December, and the nineteenth through twenty-second day of December. Visitors just need to travel to the St. Paul's Church Hall on Mount Auburn Street in Cambridge.

Christmas Craft Fair

Individuals who are specifically looking for stunning items that were made by local artists will love the Christmas Craft Fair. Lots of people want to explore markets that offer truly unique holiday gifts that cannot be purchased anywhere else, and that is certainly the case here.

The market will be available on the seventh of December, starting at nine thirty in the morning and ending at three thirty in the afternoon. It's located on Boston Street, at the Old South Church.

Winter Revelry

Some people will purchase their holiday trees at the Winter Revelry, and it's certainly a good place for it. Customers can also find everything from jewelry to home goods at this Massachusetts holiday market.

Visitors can find the Winter Revelry at the Boston Seaport District. It's available on the sixth and seventh of December, starting at eleven in the morning. It ends at ten at night on the first day, and six at night on the second day.

SoWa Winter Festival

The SoWa Winter Festival is one of the most active and exciting of all of the Boston holiday markets. It may be the most expansive market in the area in 2020. There should be more than one hundred and thirty different vendors at this holiday market. There are also artistic studios, workshops, boutiques, and galleries. This is truly the sort of festival that has everything.

Customers can visit this festival starting on the sixth of December, starting at six in the evening and ending on ten in the evening. It's a festival that's available for three days, and it opens on ten in the morning for the seventh and eighth of December. The market closes at eight in the evening on the second day and six in the evening on the third day. It's located in the South End of Boston on Harrison Avenue.

The Somerville Flea Market

While this is a market with a very broad range of different items, it's particularly great for antiques. People can find lots of beautiful gifts that were made by talented artists, as well as products that have already lasted for years. While people might associate farmer's markets and stands with warmer months, this market will also have a section like that. There's live music available as well.

The Somerville Flea Market will open on the first of December in 2020, and it's open from ten in the morning until five in the evening. The market will close after the fifteenth of December, which should give people plenty of time to see it for themselves. Customers can visit the market in Somerville on Highland Avenue. Individuals who are interested in taking the T station to get there can use the Red Line/Davis.

Christmas in Boston Holiday Marketplace

People who are looking for holiday ornaments often go to the Christmas in Boston marketplace. They'll actually be able to find ornaments that were made by hand here. However, customers can purchase all sorts of different holiday decorations at this location, along with plenty of their best gifts for the season.

This is a market that is more consistently available than most of the other holiday markets in Boston, which should make it even more reliable. This year, it will be difficult for a lot of people to schedule their holiday shopping trips, making the Christmas in Boston market particularly valuable.

The market, which is located in the famous Faneuil Marketplace, is already open and it should stay that way. There should always be plenty of items available there. People won't have to spend any extra money on admission, making it even easier to shop there.

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