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5 Local Boston Trips this Labor Day Weekend 2020

Given the various traveling restrictions being imposed on the world at large, finding fun ways to celebrate holidays and other special occasions has become much trickier. Nevertheless, this does not mean that we are stuck and home and are without options. With Labor Day coming up, many are scrambling to find the best locations and destinations to enjoy various holidays with our close family and friends. With that in mind, here is a list of 5 local Boston trips you can take on Labor Day Weekend.

Wequassett Inn Resort and Golf Club (1 hour 15 minutes of Travel Time)

If you are seeking a 5-star getaway to enjoy Labor Day weekend with your family and friends, the Wequassett In Resort and Golf Club just may be it. Located on the edge of Cape Cod, this highly scenic venue offers 120 suites and guest rooms, two beautiful beaches, 5 highly acclaimed restaurants, and much more. Visitors can enjoy activities such as tennis, water sports, sailing, private fishing, among many other fun pastimes. They even offer an award-winning Children's Center that includes gaming stations, crafts, and other engaging activities.

Hotel Viking in Newport, Rhode Island (1 hour 30 minutes)

If you are interested in a more laid back Labor Day weekend, you should consider taking a trip to Hotel Viking in Newport, Rhode Island. A luxury hotel that offers romantic and upscale rooms and suites, this is the perfect getaway for couples who are looking for a great change of scenery and some serious R&R. Offering luxurious spa services, fine dining, and more, this is the perfect place for anyone who simply needs to have a vacation experience without traveling too far from home.

Old Sturbridge Village (1 Hour and 9 Minute Drive)

If you are looking for a getaway that also has educational value, the Old Sturbridge Village is an excellent idea. Known for being a family favorite, people of all ages love to step into this time machine of a town. Designed to mimic life in the 1800s, immerse yourself in the old days during park hours (9-5), and enjoy a fusion of the modern and antiquated by staying at the Old Sturbridge Village each night.

Rockport (1 Hour and 12 Minute Drive)

A quaint town located on the coast of the Cape Ann Peninsula, Rockport is a great place to “rock out” with your family and friends. Accessible via car or commuter rail, this is an excellent option for anyone who is pining for a unique experience and doesn’t want to travel far from home. Offering a wide variety of unique shops and boutiques, great food, and highly scenic views, this is a great place to visit solo, as a couple, or a small group.

Salem (50 Minute Drive)

If you prefer your getaways with a rich history, Salem is definitely tough to beat. Accessible by car or commuter rail, this is a great place to travel if you are trying to get away without veering too far from home. Most well-known for the infamous Salem Witch Trials that took place in the 1690s, there is much to see in this historic town. Visit the Salem Witch Museum, or even play some vintage games at the Salem Willows Arcade, no matter which adventures you choose, you are bound to have an epic time!

Overall, there is no need to stay stuck at home on Labor Day weekend. There are plenty of great places to spend your Labor Day weekend while remaining in the Boston area!

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