10 New Years' Eve Weekend Restaurants in Boston - Take-out and eat-in options

The individuals who have always wanted to explore Boston often specifically travel to Massachusetts for the holidays. Boston's restaurants are famous, and people can still enjoy them in 2020 and early 2021. Some people might want to eat at home this year. These great Boston restaurants have made that much easier.

Many high-quality Boston restaurants now have options for take-out and no-contact delivery. The food will be just as delicious when people order it that way. Restaurants that have available dine-in options will adhere to very strict guidelines regarding safety and health. Diners will also be required to wear masks, and the staff members will do so as well. The food will still be just as delicious, and people will still have the opportunity to appreciate everything that Boston restaurants have to offer.


This is a wonderfully chic and stylish Italian restaurant that should offer people the sorts of great portions that they will usually want for the holidays. Many people feel happy and comfortable here, and they have all left great reviews about this restaurant.



Customers can eat local cuisine at this stylish Boston restaurant. There are lots of fantastic small plates available, but people can also certainly eat hearty meals at the restaurant as well.



This gorgeous Harvard Square restaurant serves plenty of delicious local seafood and fresh pasta. People can eat huge holiday meals there this New Years Eve. The expansive and luxurious dining room is perfect for a holiday gathering.



People can get genuinely innovative dishes at a restaurant like this one. The portions are very substantial, and people can get excellent beverages there. Even the salads and grilled cheese dishes are inventive and scrumptious.


Fox & the Knife

The pasta is made at the restaurant itself, so it tastes remarkably fresh. People should find that the meats and greens are equally fresh, making for a truly memorable restaurant meal. Every table also has its own container of hand sanitizer, demonstrating the staff's commitment to health and safety.


Red 8

People may feel happier the second that they enter this restaurant. It's decorated beautifully, and the food is just as stunning. The prices are lower than what people might expect for some excellent Boston restaurants, which should just make things better for individuals looking for great food at reasonable rates.



The plates at Sarma are small, but they won't feel like that. Every bite of food from this restaurant will be great, and people will remember the meal at each stage this holiday season.


The Stones Common House & Kitchen

Individuals who are looking for a very comfortable dining experience should be able to find it here. This is a restaurant that serves a lot of great and familiar cuisine.


Miel Brasserie

People who love fine French cuisine will certainly love this restaurant. It has a lot to offer all diners, especially if they love great bakery items.


Summer Shack Cambridge

This is a restaurant that offers a lot of very unique, classic, and wholesome food. People who want to have comfortable New Years Eve dinner celebrations should consider going to a restaurant like this.


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