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People’s Choice: The featured photograph on @officialexploreboston that received the most likes during that month!
Editor’s choice: Our chosen featured photograph on @officialexploreboston during that month selected by the @officialexploreboston team! 

October's Winners

Photograph of the Month

People's Choice

Kim Munch

Instagram: @Kmunchie


From: Durban, South Africa

Lives In: Burlington, MA



I’m a creative at heart and my camera has become my favorite artistic tool. I love nothing more than going out with my Sony to discover new places/sights, and to capture something that appeals and excites me. It feels like a treasure hunt of sorts!


The Story Behind the Photo:

This photo was taken on a late fall day in November. The setting sun washed all the buildings with a warm glow and had the fall colors popping - From the Sky Walk Observatory looking down, the city looked simply spectacular. I used my 300mm lens and had so much fun picking out detailed shots of Boston and this was a favorite! Boston is so picturesque at any angle, but especially from above, on that particular day.


Favorite thing about Boston:

Growing up in a country that seemed perennially warm and sunny, I absolutely love and embrace the seasonal changes and dramatic weather that we have in the Northeast. Combine that with the beauty of a city like Boston, you have the perfect playground for a photographer. I enjoy the historical significance of the city and its surrounding towns. I embrace every opportunity to walk along the Charles River or explore its many different neighborhoods, beautiful green spaces and awesome views. Boston is the best!

Photograph of the Month

Editor's Choice

Marvin Sandoval

Instagram: @mediabymarvin


From: Waltham, MA

Lives In: Waltham, MA



I’m a self-taught photographer and videographer based out of Waltham, MA. I love exploring, telling stories and taking awesome photos. I love exploring Boston and flying my drone around the city, my tones and colors have give. Me the nickname of “moody Marvin.” 


The Story Behind the Photo:

I was simply walking around Boston Common and had authorization to fly in the city. I took my drone out and took the photo without thinking of anything. I got home, began editing and turned an ordinary photo into a moody Marvin classic.


Favorite thing about Boston:

The views, the people and the good food!


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