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November's Winners

Photograph of the Month

People's Choice

Instagram: @BostnFound


From: Awkar, Lebanon

Lives In: Boston, MA



I've always been an adventurer, a writer, and a storyteller. Before moving to Boston I spent 2 years working on ships. There are things people dont tell you about working at sea, like how your mouse is never where you left it. Once I decided it was time for a new adventure, and landed in Boston by sheer chance having never been here before, I decided I needed to spend all my newfound freetime exploring. It's been nearly 250 days of Boston adventures, and I see no reason to stop.


The Story Behind the Photo:

So I run late. No, like I really run late. That said, I was early the day I took that picture, which meant I had time to kill. I saw the icicles there and took a shot of them before continuing on my way. About two steps in I realized I wasn't satisfied. Not with the picture, but my curiosity wasn't satisfied. I walked over to the fountain to look at them closer and suddenly Trinity Church was framed between these giant chunks of ice. I took my picture, just in time to wind up a couple minutes late to work.


Favorite thing about Boston:

This one is tricky. I love the sunsets here, they rival the ones I saw at sea. I love the way no one I've met has ever been on a duck tour, but so many of them say they want to. I love how many strangers I've had hour long one-off conversations with before parting ways.

Photograph of the Month

Editor's Choice

Derrick Mills

Instagram: @derrickmillsphoto


From: Chateaugay, New York

Lives In: Marblehead, Massachusetts



Born in Germany, grew up in a small town in upstate New York(literally along the Quebec/NY Boarder.) After high school I traveled around the states for a few years and found myself back in the North East (Boston-7 years+). I love to travel and capture the uniqueness of the places I visit.


The Story Behind the Photo:

The photo represents a combination of my two favorites. My favorite season(Autumn) and my favorite park (The Boston Commons) into one, “Autumn in Boston.”


Favorite thing about Boston:

My favorite thing about Boston is the rich history and architecture that make up this great city. It never gets old to just walk around the city and capture the old and new landscape.


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