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Wharf District

Introduction to Boston's Downtown

Wharf District

You can make your way to this neighborhood by walking, by bike, vehicle, or boat. Furthermore, this neighborhood is home to large and small businesses, including institutions like the New England Aquarium. The neighborhood's growing population is working in tandem with the City of Boston to ensure that the Wharf carves a name for itself. 

This neighborhood is home to: 

City Wharf
Rowes Wharf
Russia Wharf
Griffin Wharf
Long Wharf
Central Wharf
Independence Wharf
India Wharf
It also includes Town Cove — an area dotted with shops, restaurants, and homes — and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, featuring promenades, well-kept gardens, plazas, art, and fountains. Still, want to learn more about the Wharf? Here is what to expect when you come to explore Boston's finest destination.

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