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North End

Introduction to Boston's Downtown

North End

The city of Boston is filled with history, excitement, and infectious energy. One of the regions of Boston that everyone should explore is the North End. The North End of Boston, MA is the city’s oldest residential community, as people have continuously inhabited this part of the city since it was first settled back in the 1630s. Even though the North End might not be the largest neighborhood in Boston, it is one of the most popular. A vibrant community with something for everyone to explore, this is a popular location for residents and visitors alike!

The North End of Boston Is Known for its Italian American Heritage
The North End of Boston is the hub of the city’s Italian- American community. The character of this portion of Boston is woven throughout its streets. Even though the roads are a bit narrow, there is always something going on, as this is one of the most vibrant parts of the city. Furthermore, the North End of Boston is also known for its delicious restaurants. For those who are looking for a place to try some authentic Italian cuisine, this is the place to go. With countless Italian eateries for everyone to check out such as Camerlina’s, Regina Pizzeria, and Lucca, individuals and families will be able to take their taste buds on an amazing adventure without having to fly to Italy in the process. In addition, Boston’s North End is also known for its old-world cafes, allowing people to take a brief trip back to what Boston used to be like centuries ago. There are opportunities for everyone to take a North End Boston Food Tour as well!

The North End of Boston Is Filled with History
In addition to its delicious food, the North End of Boston is also filled with history. For example, everyone can take advantage of opportunities to explore beautiful locations along Hanover St. such as St. Leonard’s Church and Stanza Dei Sigari. This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to learn more about what makes the North End of Boston unique. Residents and visitors should also take advantage of the opportunity to check out the Old North Church and Historic Site, which sits on Salem St. Boston is filled with history and the North End is no different.

A Vibrant, Bustling Neighborhood in Boston’s North End: Explore Today
These are just a few of the many opportunities that everyone should explore when it comes to the North End of Boston. Filled with amazing history, delicious food, and friendly people, the North End of Boston allows everyone to take an in-depth look at Italian-American heritage while learning more about how it fits into the history of not only Boston but the United States as well. With rotating exhibits at many of these locations, this is a place that people can come back to again and again! Make plans to check out some of the top locations in Boston’s North End!

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