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Wednesday Dharma Gathering

Wednesday Dharma Gatherings welcome both the community and newcomers with open arms. These gatherings embrace the sangha, which is considered the third jewel of Buddhism, offering refuge and support on the journey of awakening. Each week, presenters may delve into various aspects of Buddhist teachings, share excerpts from dharma texts, discuss personal challenges and inspirations along their paths, or explore the application of teachings in daily life.

The Shambhala perspective advocates for whole-hearted engagement in life, emphasizing meditation in action rather than compartmentalizing life into spiritual and secular domains. How can we fully immerse ourselves and integrate these teachings into our daily existence? What insights can we glean from one another along the path?

Conversations during these gatherings are rooted in the experience of meditation in action. Each session typically includes brief meditation guidance followed by 10-20 minutes of practice, a concise presentation on a dharma theme, and 30-45 minutes of open discussion.

You're invited to join us for these Open House Dharma Gatherings every Wednesday from 7-8:30pm at the Boston Shambhala Center. No registration is required—simply drop by. Everyone is welcome!

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07:00 PM

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08:30 PM



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646 Brookline Avenue Brookline, MA 02446

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