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Tour Translucent | Opaque with the Artists at Arlington Center for the Arts!

Come join us at the Shaira Ali Gallery in Arlington Center for the Arts on March 21st from 6:30pm to 8pm for an engaging encounter with some of our featured artists from the Translucent | Opaque exhibition. Curated by Marjorie Glick and Vicki Paret, this exhibition spotlights watercolors and gouaches by talented artists from the Greater Boston area, reigniting discussions on the evolution and versatility of these mediums.

Step into the world of watercolor and gouache as our exhibiting artists share insights into their work, creative processes, and inspirations. Following a brief walkthrough of their captivating pieces, there will be a chance for attendees to delve deeper into the artists' perspectives through a short Q&A session. It's a wonderful opportunity to broaden your understanding of their artistic journeys, connect with fellow creatives, and ignite your own inspiration.

Translucent | Opaque celebrates the timeless allure of watercolor and gouache, mediums that have fascinated artists throughout history. While watercolor creates a luminous, layered effect through its transparency, gouache offers an opaque finish with its unique blending of pigment and fillers. Embracing the unpredictability of these mediums, artists infuse their works with spontaneity and individual expression, resulting in captivating compositions that challenge and inspire.

Arlington Center for the Arts has long been a hub for nurturing creativity and fostering community, particularly in the realm of watercolor and gouache. This exhibition not only showcases the talents of our local artists but also extends an invitation to all practitioners of these mediums to join in the dialogue. Whether you're a seasoned artist or simply curious, come immerse yourself in the world of Translucent | Opaque and experience the magic of watercolor and gouache.

No registration required. For accessibility information regarding Arlington Center for the Arts, please refer to our website.

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06:30 PM

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08:00 PM



Performing Arts


20 Academy St Arlington, MA 02476

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