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Rebel Rodeo

Are you excited for the upcoming Rebel Rodeo party? It's a celebration of the diversity, nuance, and deliciousness of the South. From Texas to the Carolinas and everything in-between, the South is home to wonderful people who are fighting hard to be seen and heard. Our resident Texan, ML, has put together a night of fun activities, including line-dancing, a genre-defying country playlist, chuggable wines for your trail ride, and plenty of delicious food, drinks, and souvenirs for you to enjoy throughout Bow Market.

Remember, country music is for everyone! Whether you're a cowboy, cowgirl, or just a fan of the genre, you're welcome to join us for this exciting event. So put on your boots and come on down! And who knows, maybe you'll be able to say "This ain't my first Rodeo" after all the fun you'll have.

Start Date:


Start Time:

04:00 PM

End Date:


End Time:


10:00 PM



Live Music


Rebel Rebel 1 Bow Market Way Somerville, MA

Event Website:

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