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Public Open Night @ the BU Astronomical Observatory

The Public Open Night at the Observatory offers people the opportunity to observe the night sky through telescopes and binoculars, providing a chance to see things they may not otherwise have access to, all while learning about astronomy. These Open Nights typically occur on Wednesday evenings throughout the year, weather permitting.

The event is open to everyone, with start times at 8:30 pm during spring and summer, and 7:30 pm during fall and winter. The program lasts approximately an hour.

Please note that this event requires tickets, which can be checked for availability here. In the event of a "sold out" status, non-ticketed guests may be admitted after all ticketed guests present have been accommodated, up to capacity.

Weather conditions play a crucial role in observing activities. Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather, and observations are canceled in the presence of clouds, haze, or rain. Determining whether the Open Night will proceed is challenging, particularly in New England. To verify if the event will take place, please call our information line at 617-353-2630 no earlier than two hours before the scheduled start time. Additionally, updates can be found on Twitter @buobservatory.

Given the cold temperatures in Boston during winter, please dress warmly, as the telescopes are located outside.

The Public Open Night is held at the Coit Observatory at Boston University, situated at 725 Commonwealth Ave. in Boston, above the Astronomy Department. The stairwell to the Observatory is located on the fifth floor, adjacent to room 520. Unfortunately, there is no disabled access to the Observatory.

For further information, please contact us at 617-353-2630.

Start Date:


Start Time:

07:30 PM

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End Time:


08:30 PM



Education and Workshops


Coit Observatory at Boston University 725 Commonwealth Ave Boston, MA

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