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How to Make Friends in Boston: Part 1

"Despite being one of the smaller cities in the U.S., Boston boasts a population of over 670,000 people. Yet, many newcomers and residents alike often express the challenge of forging meaningful connections and finding a sense of community here. Having experienced this firsthand when I moved here two years ago, I understand the struggle. Whether you're new to the area or simply seeking to expand your social circle, I hope this guide assists you in navigating Boston and forming bonds with others.

Stay tuned for How to Make Friends in Boston: Part 2, where we'll explore avenues for connecting with fellow game enthusiasts, sports fans, dancers, and more.

By Yelena Nicolle Salvador

See How to Make Friends in Boston: Part 2

1) Breaking the Ice in Conversations

Initiating conversations with strangers can often lead to awkward silences and pauses. However, these moments can also pave the way for memorable interactions and lasting friendships. If you're eager to sidestep the initial awkwardness of getting to know someone, Boston offers numerous opportunities for meaningful connections:

- Skip the Small Talk (STST) organizes events designed to facilitate deep connections through speed-friending. These events utilize research-based questions to spark conversations among participants.
- LGBTQIA+ speed-friending events provide a gender-affirming space for queer individuals to connect with like-minded peers.
- BIPOC speed-friending events cater specifically to Boston's diverse community, offering validating spaces led by and for BIPOC individuals.
- Events tailored for different age groups, such as those for individuals aged 30 and above, cater to varied preferences.
- CultureHouse's free pop-up events in Union Square foster intergenerational connections through activities like yoga, local music performances, and art exhibitions.
- The Millennial Crisis hosts free events centered around fostering honest dialogue and conversation among strangers, offering opportunities for meaningful connections.

2) Transforming Networking into Friendships

Networking events provide a platform not only for professional connections but also for building personal relationships. Here are some avenues for turning networking opportunities into genuine friendships:

- Venture Cafe hosts weekly gatherings welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering collaboration and learning across various fields.
- The Boston Young Professionals Association organizes networking nights and fun outings, providing opportunities to meet recruiters, exchange ideas, and potentially form lasting friendships.

3) Connecting Through Reading and Writing Adventures

For book lovers and aspiring writers, Boston offers a plethora of opportunities to bond over shared literary interests:

- Poetry Night at the Cantab Lounge, held every Wednesday, offers an open mic platform for poetry enthusiasts to share their work and connect with fellow creatives.
- Book clubs across Boston provide spaces for avid readers to discuss their favorite books and discover new literary gems.
- GrubStreet offers writing classes and workshops, including free sessions in partnership with the Boston Public Library, making writing accessible to all.
- Various bookstores, including Trident Booksellers & Cafe and Brookline Booksmith, host author talks and literary events, providing opportunities to mingle with like-minded individuals.

4) Finding Community Through Arts and Crafts

Embarking on a creative endeavor alongside others can be a wonderful way to forge connections. Consider exploring the arts and crafts scene in Boston:

- Join calligraphy workshops with Sip & Script or learn knitting, crocheting, and embroidery with GatherHere and Boston Fiber Company.
- Participate in acrylic painting and watercolor classes hosted by venues like Boston Landing, the Fenway Community Center, and Boston Public Market.
- Delve into pottery-making with classes offered by the Brookline Clayroom, the Clay Lounge, or Pottery with a Purpose.
- Explore various art classes in Boston to unleash your creativity and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Stay tuned for How to Make Friends in Boston: Part 2, and may your endeavors in friend-making be fruitful! Perhaps our paths will cross one day."

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