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Earth Day

Earth Day

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Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970. It is a day to recognize the importance of the relationship between the Earth and the humans who inhabit it. Normal celebrations include parades and events with large numbers of people taking part are usual. In 2021 things are different due to the pandemic, and it is time to think about protecting the environment in a more personal way. That may include planting trees and flowers as part of a local initiative or just making the decision to live a greener lifestyle. 

Visit a farmers market

The pandemic has changed the way farmer's markets operate in Boston, but they still operate. Due to the pandemic, they have become either virtual or mobile. You can make an order and pick up locally grown produce and enjoy the bounty of the earth in Massachusetts. Visit Haymarket, near Faneuil Hall, the historic outdoor market which showcases local produce and products. 

Take a boat ride on Boston Harbor

The bounty of the sea has been a part of the fabric of Boston since its settlement in 1643. Not only does the harbor tour offer spectacular views of the Boston skyline, but it provides an awareness of the part the sea has played in Boston's history. Making sure that the sea is clean for future generations is all part of Earth Day awareness. 

Walk on Boston Common and the Public Garden

Boston is a city, but there are plenty of green areas where you can enjoy Earth Day. Created in 1634, the Common has a deep history and is included on The Freedom Trail. The Public Garden is exactly what it sounds like, a place for the public to enjoy all the joys that trees and flowers provide. A ride on the Swan Boats is a must. Why not add a little romance to Earth Day? 

Dine Farm to Table

While you explore Boston, why not take the opportunity to celebrate Earth Day by dining on what is produced locally. Farm to table is a way to celebrate the freshest ingredients of any season and get it to the table as quickly as possible. 

Puritan & Company 

1166 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Woods Hill -Pier 4

300 Pier 4 Boulevard
Boston, MA 02210

Visit the Mapparium

This unique attraction is located at the Mary Baker Eddy Library, 200 Massachusetts Ave. This splendid depiction of our Earth will thrill every member of the family. You walk inside a glass globe and get a perspective of the earth not available anywhere else. 

For additional options visit the Massachusetts Audubon Society Website

If you are looking for virtual activities, nature walks, and other safe ways to celebrate Earth Day, go to the Massachusetts Audubon Society website at where they celebrate the Earth the entire month of April. 

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