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Introduction to Jamaica Plain's Attractions 

Arnold Aboretum of Harvard University

The Arnold Aboretum of Harvard University is what explore Boston is all about.  The establishment of this space came to fruition back in 1872.  It is the oldest public arboretum in North America.  

The botanical research institution is also a free public park located in Jamaica Plain right in Boston.  What you have in terms of a collection at the Arnold Arboretum is a series of temperate trees, vines, as well as shrubs.  

The great thing about the staff at this location is that they are actively sourcing material.  Plant collecting expeditions are happening all of the time and this leads to amazing new botanicals making it to the location at Harvard University.

The Arboretum is a privately endowed institution, a unit of Harvard University.  The City of Boston was deeded back in 1882 and it retains responsibility for the water fountains, roads, policing, and more.  All of the staff there are employees at Harvard.

There are a series of tours that are available at this location that you will certainly ant to check out.  This includes an introductory tour, as well as director’s tour.  An explorer’s garden and keeper’s tour options are included as well.  All of these are between a quarter of a mile all of the way to two and a half miles.  These experiences are renowned by anyone who goes through them.  

125 Arborway Boston, MA 02130


Jamaica Pond and Boat House

Jamaica Pond is in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood in Boston, MA.  Around the Jamaica Pond, you have a 1.5 mile pathway.  Glacial action, and the pond covering roughly 68-acres, has a depth of around 25 feet on average, with a maximum of 53 feet.  You can fish in Jamaica Pond and also visit the boat house on occasion.

The boat house itself is opened from Patriot’s Day to Halloween, allowing the rental of boats, sailing, and other water activity.

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