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Introduction to Charlestown's Attractions 

Guests who want a particularly convenient way to explore Boston can go to the Boston National Historical Park. They'll have the opportunity to see multiple historic sites in one general area. The Charlestown Neighborhood in Boston should be an especially great destination for the individuals who like maritime history. Of course, they can also learn more about American military history in general from its earliest days onward. 

Bunker Hill Monument 

The Battle of Bunker Hill is one of the most well-known and significant battles of the American Revolutionary War. This monument was originally established in recognition of the important events that occurred there. The historic monument itself is an obelisk made from granite, and it stands two hundred and twenty-one feet tall. It would be an impressive structure one way or the other. 

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Monument Square, Charlestown, MA 02129

Charlestown Navy Yard

When people read about this place, they may also see it referred to as the 'Boston Naval Shipyard' or the 'Boston Navy Yard.' The area itself is one hundred and thirty acres wide, so people can spend a lot of time seeing everything. People who are interested in America's maritime military history and the United States Navy will learn a lot when they visit the Charlestown Navy Yard. 

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114 16th Street, Charlestown, MA 02129

USS Cassin Young

While many of the historic artifacts presented in Boston are from the eighteenth or nineteenth centuries, the USS Cassin Young is a part of modern American history.This vessel was named after the famous captain Cassin Young. He received the Medal of Honor because of his bravery at the site of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The ship itself was both versatile and fast, and it was used in seven different Pacific World War II battles. It's been preserved effectively. 

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21 Second Avenue, Charlestown, MA 02129

USS Constitution

The USS Constitution was one of the most valuable ships used in the War of 1812, although the ship was actually launched as early as 1797. Many of the ships like this were scrapped, but the USS Constitution became one of the most celebrated ships of its day thanks to the battle against the HMS Guerriere. The ship has been called 'Old Ironsides' ever since. People can actually visit the ship itself for free, and the boat has been thoroughly restored. 

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Charlestown Navy Yard 114 16th Street, Charlestown, MA 02129

USS Constitution Museum

People who want to see the USS Constitution ship itself can also see the famous museum that's nearby. It's an interactive museum, which should improve the learning experience of visitors. It's also a great museum for families with children. Visitors can see a lot of original artifacts, including items that the ship's crew may have used. It's a relatively small museum, so visitors will have time to take a thorough tour of the ship and see the museum in one afternoon. 

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