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Introduction to North End's Attractions 

People who want to explore Boston may want to start with the North End neighborhood. It has the sorts of historic attractions that can help people learn more about Boston. They can also certainly find restaurants and everything else they need for a great visit. 

Copp's Hill Burying Ground

This cemetery gets its name from the shoemaker William Copp, and it was originally established in the year 1659. It was the second cemetery created in Boston. Some of the most famous individuals from Boston's history were buried there, including Cotton Mather and Robert Newman. The cemetery has more than ten thousand graves.


Hull Street, Boston, MA 02113

Hanover Street

Boston is full of old streets, and Hanover Street is older than almost all of them. Today, there are plenty of excellent restaurants and businesses located on this street. Many people also enjoy visiting Hanover Street for its own sake, given its history and its proximity to other important landmarks.

Old North Church

This gorgeous church was constructed in the year 1723. The other churches that may have been constructed in the era are no longer standing, making this the very oldest church in Boston. People can see a famous sculpture of George Washington there. It's been said that this sculpture was one of the most accurate visual representations of George Washington. 

193 Salem Street, North End, Boston 02113

Ebenezer Clough House

Ebenezer Clough built this house for himself and for his family. He was a master bricklayer, and he managed to contribute substantially to the area and to the city of Boston itself. People can now appreciate the place that he called home forever, getting the chance to see some of the architecture from that time period.


Paul Revere House

There are few historical figures in American history that are as famous as Paul Revere. His house has been preserved, and people will get the chance to see plenty of interesting historical objects while they are there. It has convenient hours, and many people travel all across the United States to see it.

19 North Square, Boston, MA 02113


Paul Revere Mall

This corridor has a lot of great statues that will quickly help people learn more about the people in Paul Revere's time, and many of the other well-known historic figures that helped to shape its history. It's a gorgeous outdoor space with thirteen different information plaques. 

Pierce-Hichborn House

This fantastic museum is located in a Georgian House that will act as something of an interesting area by itself. People can walk from the Paul Revere House here, getting the chance to get even more of a background on everything that they saw there. 

19 North Square, Boston, MA 02113

Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park

This public park has a lot of historic information by itself. A lot of people might want to come here just for a brief visit or for a walk. The Rose Kennedy Greenway Park is also another great place to visit, and people can enjoy more of the Boston outdoors this way. 

St. Stephen's Church

This nineteenth century church is another one of the most famous buildings in Boston. A lot of people will want to see it just for its beautiful exterior design. It's also another important part of the history of Boston. 

401 Hanover Street, Boston, MA 02113

Salem Street

People can see the Old North Church on Salem Street, and it has a number of great restaurants as well. The people who want to spend most of their day in that part of Boston have a range of different choices on Salem Street. | Privacy | Unsubscribe